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3 Alternative Wall Tile Ideas To Brighten Up the Bathroom

The bathroom is, in most home buyers minds, second only to the kitchen in importance, both in terms of size and function. Design is equally important too though, and so any home seller needs to make sure that their bathroom(s) are in tip top shape all around, something that may involve some remodeling and/or decor tweaks. These commonly include replacing old, outdated tiling.

Homeowners use tile all over the home to provide both an attractive accent as well as to serve a practical purpose like act as a back splash. When shopping around for such tile, most people instinctively head to the ceramic tile section, simply because that is the form of tile most of us are most familiar with.

And it is a great choice in the bathroom, especially as a wall tile. Ceramic tile is tough and durable, easy to clean, and comes in an almost endless range of colors, sizes and patterns.

Ceramic is not, however, the only choice a homeowner has when it comes to choosing the perfect wall tile to use in their home, there are some alternatives that can be just as attractive and can be used to add a slightly more unusual touch to your overall home decor scheme:

Recycled Glass

As beautiful as this type of tile is, it is actually made up mainly of old beer and soda bottles, items rescued from garbage cans and landfills and given a second life as durable and colorful wall decor.

Recycled glass tile comes in several different variations. There is clear glass tile, which has a high gloss and a bright shine. Alternately, you can opt for glass that is slightly frosted, an excellent choice if the wall behind them is not in the best shape and you would prefer it remain hidden and not become a part of the new decor, in the way it would if you used clear glass.

Bubbled recycled glass tile is another interesting option for those who prefer a slightly more uneven and eclectic look. In making this form of wall tile bubbles are allowed to form and then remain, giving the finished product a textured look and one that will almost certainly wow potential buyers.


In recent years bamboo has become a very popular alternative to more traditional hardwoods as a flooring option. It can, however, also be a very attractive, long lasting, way to tile the walls and in China and Japan they have been doing just that for hundreds of years.

Bamboo wall tile can be excellent for the bathroom. It is not affected by water in the way that hardwoods are (bamboo, as hard as it is, is a grass, not wood at all). And its natural anti fungal and antibacterial properties are perfect for a room that can be very prone to containing rather a lot of both, thanks to damp, warm air.

If you shop around, you can find bamboo wall tile that is imported from Asia that is intricately patterned and decorated, an excellent way to add a little Far Eastern influence into your space, a look that is particularly hot in the world of home decor at the moment.


At first the idea of using a cork wall tile may seem strange, as it sounds a little like turning a space into one giant noticeboard. Cork wall tile is rather different to the form of cork you find on the average bulletin board though.

Cork wall tiles are lacquered and finished for extra durability and can be found in a wide range of different shades, from a light yellowish brown to a much deeper, chocolate color.

Because cork has powerful noise absorption properties – the reason it has been used in hospitals and libraries for decades – in addition to being a good bathroom choice it can be an excellent choice for a room that can get a little noisy, such as a basement man cave or a smaller – thus maybe teenager’s – bedroom.

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