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3 Big Mistakes that Can Ruin Moving Day – and How to Avoid Them

It’s almost over. You found a home you love. You made a good offer, the seller accepted. The closing date is set. Now it’s time to seriously start thinking about – and planning – just how you are going to get yourself, your family (including any furry members of the clan) and all of your ‘stuff’ moved safely and efficiently out of your old house and into the new one. And as exciting as it is, the road from one house to another can be a little rocky. Here’s a little about some of the most commonly made moving mistakes and the best ways to avoid them.

Going DIY Without a Solid Plan

Maybe your move, in terms of distance at least, isn’t a big one. And if you are just moving a few kilometer down the road it’s tempting to consider skipping the expense of a moving service and doing it all yourself.

There is a lot to consider here though, so if you are going to attempt a DIY move it needs very careful thought and planning. Do you have the required person power? Do you know just how you are going to get everything out (some furniture is very tricky to even get out of the door)? Are you and your moving crew actually physically up to the challenge? Do you have enough insurance that you won’t be left out of pocket if the big screen TV from the living room has an unfortunate accident (those things are HEAVY)?

Often, a DIY move turns out to be far less fun and nowhere near as economical as people expect. Get some moving company estimates, make some pro and con lists for both moving options and then make a decision based on common sense.

Forgetting About the ‘Unmovable’ Stuff

OK, let’s say you did make the decision to hire a moving company. Even the most helpful of them do have a list of items that they will not move for you, often because legally they really can’t or are simply not willing to take responsibility. This might include valuable jewelry, flammable items, plants and even the contents of your home bar.

Make sure you know in advance which of your possessions you will be responsible for moving yourself and make adequate advance arrangements to do so.

Forgetting to Pack a Proper Survival Kit

Even if your move is a short one, in terms of distance, you really do need a proper ‘survival kit’. The majority of your possessions will be packed away in boxes that, being honest with yourself, are not going to be unpacked for at least a few days. And there really is nothing worse than having to spend the first night in your new home frantically ripping them all open in order to find a can opener or the medication that little johnny should have taken an hour ago.

A good moving survival kit should contain at least all of the following:

  1. Instant coffee/tea and soft drinks Kettle Paper plates Paper/plastic cups Plastic utensils / cutlery Cooking equipment or takeaway menus Bed Linen Phone chargers Alarm clock Change of clothes Towels Toiletries Toilet paper Basic first aid kit Any essential medication your family needs Basic tools e.g. screwdrivers, drill, hammer Pet food / water bowls / bedding A few toys and books for the younger kids

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