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3 Buyer Questions a Home Seller Should Never Answer Themselves

Ideally, and we are not alone in this, as Realtors we prefer that sellers are not around when we show a Waterloo Region home for sale. However, as realists, we understand that’s not always possible.

What we do try to convey, however, if the sellers are present, is to leave the talking up to us as far as possible. Obviously, we don’t suggest being rude or ignoring the guests in your home, but sometimes even the most well-meaning of home sellers can say something, by mistake, to derail a possible sale. And often they do so when responding to a buyer question.

That prospective buyers will have plenty of questions to ask you about your home should not come as a big surprise. Being prepared for them, and recognizing when its best to let your Realtor handle things is crucial though.

Here are some commonly asked questions that buyers might ask you and a little advice about the best way to NOT to answer them!

How long have you had your property on the market?

The motive behind asking that question is, of course, trying to find out if you have had your home on the market for long enough that you might be open to negotiating on the asking price. And you very well might, but now is not the time to let on.

Often a savvy buyer knows how long your home has been on the market – they’ve done their homework – and they are merely asking the question to test the waters regarding how firm you are on the asking price if it’s been a while. Don’t bite though, deflect the question back to your Realtor, if only by saying something like ‘I forget Aron, how long has it been?’ and let them take it from there.

How did you arrive at the asking price?

Smart potential buyers will ask this question and no doubt you could answer it. However, once again this is often a bit of a fishing trip on the part of the buyer and some may even be ready to start picking away at your reasoning right then and there.

This can quickly escalate into a heated debate (we’ve seen it happen) so once again, handing the conversation back to the Realtor is always going to be the best option in this scenario.

Will you take less?

Some buyers who view your home will be blunt enough to just come out with a question like this and they will want an answer that is just as to the point. However, don’t give them one. Deflecting this awkward query is not as hard though. Simply inform them, with a smile, that all price negotiations are being handled by your Realtor at this time.

The very best way to deal with these awkward queries however really is to not be around to be asked them in the first place. We don’t want to make anyone feel like they are being shut out of their home – or any possible negotiations – but it really is best to let your Realtor do their thing alone. So do head off and enjoy that coffee/walk/movie and we promise we’ll fill you in on all the details as soon as the prospective buyer is gone!

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