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4 Effective Ways to Stage Smaller Spaces When Selling Your Waterloo Region Home

If your home has smaller spaces in it – a less than generously sized dining room or a box of a bedroom perhaps – then the chances are that you have learned to live with that just fine. However when it comes to putting your Waterloo region home on the market for sale these smaller spaces – however functional they really are – can be rather off-putting to potential buyers. The good news is that if you don’t employ them already there are some great – and relatively easy to execute – but often overlooked, tips and tricks you can make use to add the illusion of space without having to knock out a single wall!

Pale Palettes

Warm neutrals – not stark whites – can work wonders to ‘open up’ smaller spaces and make them look and feel roomier. If achieving such a look will mean undertaking a paint job don’t forget the ceiling, as a nice fresh coat of neutral paint up there will have a bigger positive impact than you might imagine.

Keep Window Treatments Simple

Often all it can take to overwhelm a small space and make it seem tinier than it really is is a set of window treatments that are just too big and loud for the space. Fancy drapery can be lovely but it’s often far too fussy for a smaller space. Instead, stick to window treatments that lie flat to the glass – blinds are best. Blinds don’t have to be boring though, as a single trip to your local home store will demonstrate and livening them up a little more with drapey – but airy – tulle panels can help create a look that enlarges and enhances a smaller space all at the same time.

Think Vertically

One of the things that concerns homebuyers if the smaller space in question is a kitchen or bathroom is that they will lack essential storage space. However, by ‘thinking vertically’ and making use of the walls and ceilings as well you can demonstrate that that won’t be the case. Invest in an inexpensive hanging pot rack for the kitchen – which can be very visually appealing as well – or floating shelves for the bathroom walls. Creating storage space where there appears to be none is easier than you think and will pay off every time in terms of home buyer attraction.

Let There Be Lots of Light

Darkness and gloom is the number one enemy of any small space but retail store like bright white lighting isn’t necessarily its friend either. Make sure that the smaller spaces in your home boast a layered lighting scheme. Such a scheme should consist of both task and ambient lighting but that can be achieved in lots of different – and attractive ways. Wall sconces, table lamps, pendant lighting and even the odd artfully placed candle can make a big difference and such changes won’t even take a lot of time or money to achieve.

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