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5 Clever and Handy Home Decor Infographics for Homeowners

Figuring out home decor, home styles, home decorating and all of the related issues can be a real challenge for all homeowners, homesellers and homebuyers. And there is a lot of advice out there, including right here on the Team Pinto blog.

Today I thought I’d do something different, sharing the wisdom of some very talented and influential picture form. These handy infographics offer sage advice for anyone decorating or staging a home and together they form a nice little primer to keep on hand when you are considering making changes to your home and its decor:

Artwork is a fantastic way to add visual interest into a space and can be a great staging tool as well. However, there are right and wrong ways to go about hanging it in order to get the best possible aesthetic effect. 

A great lighting scheme can make a space, and a bad one can break it. 

Choosing paint colours when decorating a home is not easy. Neither is choosing the right paint type, but making a mistake can be very costly:

A great area rug is a small detail that can make a big impact, but only if you place it right: 

And finally, this infographic serves to tie much of this advice together, and serve as a handy little design cheat sheet in its own right:



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