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5 Creative Colour Scheme Ideas to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Most homes need at least a little repairing, staging and touching up before they are put on the market for sale, especially when it comes to the often forgotten, but hugely important, exterior and the home’s curb appeal.

As people do tend to pay far more attention to the inside of their homes than the outside while they are living in them one of the improvements that some homes are crying out for before they go up for sale is a new exterior paint job. If that is the case for your home though not only do you have a chance to refresh and renew your property’s appearance but you can even consider changing its colour scheme to improve its appeal even further. With that in mind, here are five fantastic colour-scheme inspirations and tips for picking out exterior paint palettes that will impact your home’s curb appeal in the most effective ways:


Neutrals are always a great choice for a Waterloo Region home for sale but that does not mean they have to be boring. In this example, the homeowners took cues from the stone and concrete hardscaping and chose a soft pearl grey that compliments it all perfectly.

The slate blue front door adds a pop of colour, but not one that is too ‘loud’ and the neat white trim is the perfect finishing touch. Repainted in this way the home now looks modern, elegant and very streamlined.


Because the amazing garden is so central to this home’s curb appeal, it is important that the exterior of the house itself  complements it rather than distracts from it. The clever combination of appealing Earth tones helps the house ‘blend in’ without getting lost and the brighter russet front door draws the eye right to where any home seller wants it to go, the inviting entrance of their lovely home.

Monochrome Buttercream 

Newer construction homes are usually architecturally stunning in a very contemporary sense, but can lack the warmth that turns a house into a home. Here the home owners used a soft, slightly yellowed buttercream shade to add that much needed warmth and then sharp monochrome accents to highlight the property’s elegant ‘lines’.

Country Blue Monochrome 

Blue is a colour that evokes a sense of calm, relaxation and reassurance, which is why it is a popular exterior choice. Here the blue takes on a lighter hue that complements the lush greenery that surrounds it. This is a colour scheme that is particularly well-suited to a home on a tree lined street that may have several close neighbours that resemble it architecturally. This striking but not over the top colour combo will allow the home to stand out from the crowd without becoming the ‘misfit’ on the block.

Apricot/Grey and White 

If a house already boasts some rather unique architectural details, as this one does, those details deserve to be highlighted in a noticeable, yet subtle manner. The predominantly apricot exterior adds a sense of welcoming warmth that then allows the use of very bright, rather stark white to pick out those delicious details and for the smoky grey door to tie it all together perfectly.



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