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5 Holiday Gift Ideas for the New Homeowner

The holidays often really highlight the joys of owning a home and for those who are celebrating their first ever in a brand new home this time of year is usually extra special.

If you have one or more people on your holiday gift list fortunate to be celebrating in a newly purchased home this year, you can help them celebrate and make some extra special memories by gifting them one – or more – of these thoughtful, but practical gifts.

1. A Special Piece of Holiday Decor

If the homeowner is newly installed in their brand new space chances are that they may be a little light on holiday decor this year, given everything else that has been going on!

However, for many people holiday decor pieces often become treasured family heirlooms, with each piece having special memories attached. You can help by gifting the new homeowners a standout piece that’s durable enough to last for years while also being easy to place in a space that may not quite be organised yet.

A high quality artificial wreath is a great example, as it can be used year after year, and can be placed on doors or walls both indoors and out and is not really specific to any one home or decor style or even, if you choose a winter, rather than a Christmas wreath, any secular holiday.

2. Custom Address Stamp

This is a gift that is sure to make the new homeowner feel truly “official” with every correspondence. They can use it right away on the envelopes of thank-you cards for all of their housewarming and holiday gifts and enjoy the feeling of the joy of homeownership all over again every time they do.

3. Decorative Storage/Organization

“A place for everything and everything in its place.” That’s often the lofty goal of many a new homeowner, but that can often seem to be easier said than done.

Help them get there by gifting them a beautiful decorative piece that doubles as storage or organization. A versatile three-tier basket, for example, would be great for holding anything from fruits and veggies in the kitchen to beauty supplies in the bathroom.

4. Home Store Gift Card

There is no new homeowner who won’t appreciate a gift card to use at the local home store. can use a gift card to the hardware store. Take a minute to look up what stores are nearest their new home – Lowe’s, Home Depot, etc. – and choose one they can easily shop at. Package the gift in a pretty envelope and it’s sure to be one of their favourites of the season.

5. Local Restaurant Gift Card

Part of the joy of the first few months in a new home is getting to explore and learn about the new neighbourhood it’s located in. As most new homeowners have had a busy, busy time of late they almost certainly need a bit of break too.

You can ‘kill two birds with one stone’ with a gift card for a great local eatery so the recipients can treat themselves to some good food and relaxing evening while also getting to know the locale – and the locals – a little better.

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