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5 Home Decorating Musts for First Time Waterloo Region Home Buyers

For many,  the first time they really begin tackling a lot of home decorating is when they finally move into a first Waterloo Region home of their own. And with no more restrictions and landlord’s (or parents’) rules to follow, and endless TV shows to be inspired by,  it can be easy to get carried away and want to dive headlong into decorating even before all the moving boxes are through the door, let alone unpacked!

There are some fundamental basics that should be kept in mind though to help make sure that your first decorating projects when you move into your new home are a success. Here are five of the most important:

Don’t Move Clutter In

Even if you have been living in a room in your parents’ house for years, you still almost certainly have too much stuff and a lot of will simply become clutter if you move it all with you into your nice, brand new, empty space.

Moving out of your old place is the time to get ruthless with your stuff, however hard that may be. If there are things that have been hidden away in a basement or attic for years that means you really don’t need them so they should not be coming with you.

Clothes that you have not worn for more than a year do not need to make the move either. And if a piece of furniture is broken, worn or very old fashioned, you do not need it in your nice new place either.

If the stuff that is going to be left behind is still in good shape take it to a consignment store or auction it off on eBay. Then you’ll not only be moving lighter but you will have extra money to put towards the cost of decorating your new space.

Don’t Try Do Everything at Once

When you were choosing your new house, you probably came up with a list, even if it is just a mental one, of all the things you want to change and decorate to make it look and feel like a home. Don’t rush to try to do it all at once though, especially if you are on a limited budget. After you have actually lived in the place for a while you will have a better idea of just what really needs doing the most and what can probably wait for a while.

Give Your Bedroom Priority

We all spend a great deal of the time we do spend at home in the bedroom, even if we are asleep for much of that time. Therefore, if there are decorating projects you want to tackle in your bedroom they should probably get first priority.

Think carefully about color before you begin shopping for paint and fabrics though. If you are a morning person you may be happier with light, clean pastel shades but those who like to stay up late and stay in bed longer may be happier with darker colors that block that morning sunshine.

Only Tackle What You Feel Comfortable With

If your decorating project actually involves making structural changes – knocking out a wall, installing a new electrical box for extra lighting, tiling a floor etc – be very realistic about the true level of your DIY skills.

It will cost you a lot of money to hire a professional to come in and fix any DIY disasters that may result from a lack of experience. So if you don’t think you are quite up to a certain decorating challenge then you should go with a pro right from the start top make sure everything goes right the first time and you stay within your budget!

Make Sure Your Decor Reflects Your Style

There are a thousand and one decorating magazines, TV shows and Instagram feeds you can get ideas from, and there are certain decor styles that will be “hotter” one year than others. These are great to get some inspiration from but do not be tempted to follow these examples slavishly.

The most important thing about the decor in your home is that it reflects your tastes and not those of some magazine editor or interior design guru. After all, you have to live with it, no one else does!

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