• Aron Pinto

5 New Year’s Resolutions for Waterloo Region Home Sellers

Hoping to sell your home in 2021? Well, as it’s almost New Year’s then this is a good time for us to suggest a few resolutions that should help you do just that, and quite possibly far more quickly than you might imagine. Here are five of the best for those getting ready to get into the home selling game soon:

1. Resolve to Research Your Realtor

Every realtor is different. Talk to friends and family members who have sold homes recently. Did they like the realtor they worked with? What did they not like? Do some Internet research.

When you’ve found a likely candidate meet with your potential sales partner. And when you do, ask yourself does this seem like a person I can work with? Actually spend time with? (they are going to be in your home quite often after all) Trust to be my negotiating voice? Finding the right Realtor is a must, so be ready to take your time.

2. Resolve to Draw From Your Home Buying Experience

Take yourself back to the time when you bought the home you now want to sell. Just what was it that made you fall in love with it? Was there anything you didn’t like? What changes have been made since then? This evaluation will help you let your realtor know what you think are the best aspects of your home that should be showcased.

3. Resolve to Manage Your Expectations

Your realtor will do everything they can to sell your home. However, it may still take some time. The right buyer still has to look at your house at the right time to make an offer. And even then, the offer may not be what you were expecting. Bear in mind that, due to market fluctuations and changes in demand, every home’s value is constantly changing.

4. Resolve to Maintain Your Property

You wouldn’t go on a date without first brushing your teeth and combing your hair, would you? And you know you’d wear your best killer dress or snappy, smart suit. The same goes for your home. Think of every home showing as a first date. You want the home to look and smell its very best. Keep your home clean, fresh and free of clutter. That goes for the outside of the house, too. Mow the grass. Rake the leaves. Shovel the show. Clean the windows. You want to make a good first impression.

5. Resolve to Start Yesterday

In the world of real estate, the spring season actually starts in January. Since many home buyers want to move into a new home in the real springtime – because that really is an optimum time to do so in many ways – they will begin looking at the beginning of the year, just after all the holiday commotion has passed. If you wait until April to list, your ideal buyer may have already found their home elsewhere.


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