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5 Often Overlooked Spring Outdoor Home Staging Musts

Springtime is one of the best times of year to place a home on the market for sale, especially if you have a great outdoor space to showcase. But it has to be showcased in the right way, so paying attention to your outdoor home staging is something of a must.

That should involve more than simply adding new plants, or buying a new patio set. Sometimes, small details can make all the difference, and overlooking them can cost you dearly. Here are five often overlooked tips for outdoor home staging that you may have missed.

1.) Stained Concrete

Potential buyers are as likely to pick up on stained concrete as they are stained carpet indoors. To address the issue before you begin opening up your home to viewers a good pressure washing would be the ideal, but if you are going to go the DIY route because the stains aren’t too bad , then a solution of bleach, warm water and an environmentally safe cleaner solution left on the stains for about an hour before scrubbing away with a stiff broom and rinsing will often do the trick too.

2.) Steps and Siding

Dirt and mildew build up into a grimy mess over time and the resulting look can be rather off-putting and less than attractive to potential buyers. Scrubbing steps and siding by hand is an arduous task that may not be very effective, so in this case, a power wash really is called for. Be careful though, as too much pressure may loosen slabs and stones.

3.) Outdoor Light Fixtures

When preparing and staging the exterior of your home it’s essential that all your outdoor fixtures are working and have been cleaned and repaired. For the best results try cleaning them with a soft, damp microfiber cloth. Avoid chemical cleaners that may leave a filmy coating that also attracts dust and dirt. And if they are old and worn, or simply rather outdated, replacing them altogether is almost certainly the best idea and may make more of a positive difference than you realize.

4.) Outdoor Furniture

Although you are unlikely to actually be leaving it behind, your outdoor furniture should be treated like it is as much of the staging process as the furniture indoors. You would not leave a messy looking sofa in the living room when staging your home for sale, so don’t let your outdoor furniture spoil your staging efforts. Make sure it’s clean and fits in with the overall vibe of the home. And if it does not, replace it.

5.) Reliable Colour

Buyers should be engaged when viewing a home for sale right when they pull up. The exterior should be clean and colorful, but you can’t always rely on your garden to bloom on cue. For example, the spring flowers that looked so lovely in May are likely all gone by June and later blooming flowers may not start to appear until summer is well underway. To ensure there is always some enticing colour add a few potted blooms to strategic spots like the porch or patio.



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