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5 Super Secrets Professional Home Stagers Use to Steal for Your Home

If you watch any of those HGTV Canada shows that highlight real estate for sale you are no doubt impressed by just how perfectly arranged and staged these homes look. And then you look around at your own about to go on the market home and get more than a little disheartened by the idea of trying to replicate that kind of super staging and styling in your place (especially if you are still actually living there)

The reason that those TV houses look so very good is a simple one though; they’ve been professionally staged by experts who do that kind of stuff for a living. And while I try to offer as much practical advice as I can for the amateur home stager here on my blog on a regular basis there are some professional staging ‘secrets’ that you may want to take note of that will help take a ‘nicely staged’ home for sale and turn it into one that looks like you too called in the pros to help get the place sold.

These five ‘tricks’ are even easy and inexpensive to implement!

Dress the Beds

Even though you won’t be leaving them behind when staging a bedroom the bed is obviously going to be a focus for the viewing home buyer because it ties the room together. Dressing the bed properly can be a simple way to create a luxury hotel room type vibe that homebuyers will remember favorably.

How’s it done? Easily actually. Swap out your current bedding for bright white linens for a clean, crisp look. Then add at least one down duvet and either a pillow top mattress or a really thick mattress pad to make the bed look plush and comfortable.

Don’t Create Psychological Barriers

Should it really be any of a home buyer’s business what you are storing in your closets and cabinets? No, maybe it shouldn’t but cluttered cupboards create physiological barriers in a potential home buyer’s mind that leave them thinking that the kitchen cabinets are too small for their needs (because they can’t really see them past the tins of soup and baked beans) or a bedroom closet is tiny – when it’s not – because it is jam packed with bulky clothes.

The fact is in a staged home 75 percent of your stuff should be cleared out of cupboards and cabinets. Yes, 75 percent. It’s a lot , but test it out by putting the clutter in the garage, basement or an empty room for a week to see how different your home feels without it.

Lengthen the Ceiling


High ceilings add the illusion of space and a sense of airy-ness to any room. And buyers really do love them. If yours are only of average height you can still fake the feeling of increased height. Here are just some ideas:

  1. Repaint the ceiling in a white gloss as reflective surfaces trick the eye, expanding the space.

  2. Rehang your drapes/curtains at the highest possible level you can while still allowing them to be functional.

  3. If you want a ceiling to feel tall, don’t use subtle curtain rods. Go for dark and dramatic — the sort of things that will catch the eye. It’ll grab attention and move the eye upward, helping lengthen the space visually.

Layer All of Your Lighting


Lighting can make or break a room, not only in how it is lit but what pieces are used to add that light. Instead of relying on overhead lights hanging down from the ceiling (which can ruin all of your efforts to make the ceiling look higher as that will just drag it down again) floor and table lamps at different heights around the room as well and you can even consider adding extra ambient lighting with flameless candles.

Little Touches That Will Have a Big Impact


There are a few simple touches to add to a room to make it more pulled together, welcoming and attractive. Some of the most effective include:

  1. Placing a throw on the sofa to look inviting Plumping up ALL the pillows Opening a glossy art book to a beautiful photograph Adding fresh flowers (extra tip, white orchids are a fantastic choice.)



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