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5 Ways to Upgrade Your Home Office Space Today

Updated: May 11, 2021

The pandemic has changed our lives in many ways, but among the most prominent is a change in workplace habits. Millions of employees have been driven into their homes by the pandemic, taking away their commutes, their routines and, of course, their workplaces.

In general, one of the most popular home trends on the market right now is getting a home office, and homes with a home office are currently seen for sale in 9 percent more homes than last year.

If you’re among those stuck at home, day in and day out, it can increase your productivity and raise morale by making a few tweaks to your home office. And if you plan to sell your home soon showcasing the perfect home office set up will be a plus, as that is likely to appeal to a lot of potential buyers who are working remotely, just like you.

Here are five ways to enhance the setup of your home office.

Get More Comfortable

Many office spaces are built with employee comfort in mind, but our home offices can be a little less thought out and may potentially increase discomfort and tension during the workday, which is the last thing you need.

When it comes to your office equipment, there are a few improvements you can make. Consider investing in an ergonomic desk and chair. An ergonomic chair provides you with the support you need to prevent discomfort in the neck and back, and ergonomic desks will also shift up and down, allowing you the opportunity to sit or stand during the day while you work.

In addition, special keyboards, laptop risers and an external mouse will add extra comfort AND extra function. Even if you only add a few of these ergonomic enhancements to your home office you’ll be making it easier to sit at your desk and stay focused on the task at hand.

Invest in New Tech

Are you tired of tussling with a tiny laptop computer to get work done? Do you struggle to hear video calls made by your colleagues via old computer speakers? If so, it is likely that some new tech is just what you need. It can be a huge benefit to invest in better speakers, extra displays, or even a smart home system to ensure that you’re still looped in, making it easier to do your job and avoiding some common headaches.

Not all businesses will offer technology improvement reimbursement, but some may, so it never hurts to ask. You may be able to improve your productivity and enjoy your home office setup more than ever before with the newest technology at your fingertips, a selling point to mention to the boss!

Upgrade Your Lighting

Particularly when you spend most of the day in your office workplace, the wrong lighting can be unpleasant and uncomfortable. You are more likely to strain your eyes or even get headaches when looking at your screens without sufficient bulb brightness and warmth.

If you have bad lighting in your home office consider increasing your access to natural light by taking away blinds or relocating your desk. To bring in a warm, happy atmosphere, put better bulbs in your overhead light fixtures to enhance comfort and visibility and/or add a desk light or floor lamp to your office.

Several studies have shown that higher colour temperature lights (above 3500K) have a direct effect on our learning and efficiency and improve our ability to take in data and focus on tasks. The higher the temperature of the colour, the greater the focus intensity.

For this reason, buying LED lights with color temperatures about 5000K is recommended to increase concentration and save you money on electricity bills.

Create More Organized Spaces

Many careers and positions require keeping extensive records, which is fine when you’re in an office with shelves and cabinets. But now that you’re working from home you are likely dealing with a smaller space.

With cabinetry designed to accommodate your job, you can improve organization and efficiency. Consider adding some custom cabinetry to your office, as it is a great way to keep your office looking great while also giving you plenty of space to store your work so it doesn’t turn into towering piles around your desk. And future home buyers will love it too (buyers LOVE storage)

If you don’t have the space for custom installations, even a small filing cabinet, extra shelves on the walls, or a desk with more drawers can make staying organized a little easier.

Get Decorating

A plain boring home workspace may seem functional, but it’s probably not a place you want to spend a lot of time. Stepping up your decor can be an aesthetic improvement that can excite you about working in your home office setup rather than dreading it.

A work area that looks nice will feel nice, and that may be all you need to stay motivated during the day. Here are some simple upgrades you can make to your home office to help inject a little more energy and colour into your space.

Add a colorful rug: Rugs can be trendy, but they can make your room more homely as well. This is especially true if your at-home office is in a basement or a space that’s less comfortable. A rug can also be easier on your feet and provide insulation to help control the temperature of the room, not to mention adding to your space some much-needed colour and texture.

Draw on some curtains or blinds: If your workspace has a lot of natural light, curtains and blinds can be a good way to keep the rising or setting sun at bay. There are many curtain and blind options available these days that can be used to modify your windows. And, with the vast range of color options, materials, and designs available, you have the freedom to choose any that match your style and interior design.

Incorporate artwork and plenty of it: Office workers across the country keep pictures on their desks, so why not hang some art in your home office? You may not need pictures of your family necessarily, since you might be able to hear them right down the hall, but maybe a favorite art print, framed photos from one of your favorite trips, or any other fun and enjoyable pieces that can brighten up your home office setup. There are so many art options available, just find something that speaks to you and helps you stay energized and motivated.

Invest in indoor plants: Plants can complement any decor and really add personality to your home office space. Other than plants having the ability to spruce up any space, they also have other benefits. Indoor plants are great for providing a pleasant and tranquil environment for working. Learn more about your favorite species — like the amount of maintenance and sun the various types of plants need— and choose the indoor plants that would be best suited for you and your home office.


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