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7 Great Reasons to List Your Home for Sale During the Holidays

Did you know that the winter holidays are actually a great time to list your Waterloo Region home for sale, whatever the ‘conventional’  wisdom might say? Why would we say that when you may have always heard to the contrary? Here are seven great reasons just for starters.

1. While there are probably fewer buyers out looking for a new Waterloo Region home at this time of year you can bet that those who are are really ready to buy, not just window shopping.

2. There are always, no matter what the market conditions, fewer homes available for a serious buyer to consider in the winter in general and around the holidays specifically. This puts your home right in the spotlight and ripe for being snapped up at a very favorable (to you) price.

3. After the New Year, the number of homes on the market is likely to increase as people will be in that optimistic, new year, new start mindset. With buyers also probably thinking along the same lines they will be out looking, but you may have lost a big competitive advantage by then.

4. A home decorated for the holidays is usually one that is merry, bright and welcoming, all of the things that home buyers love. With a little extra sensible staging, a holiday home can really be at its most attractive, especially if you also take some time to decorate up the exterior as well and add some real – and very appealing – holiday magic to its curb appeal.

5. Many busy would be home buyers have not found the home of their dreams yet simply because work commitments and a busy family life have not given them the time to look properly. The extra days off that we all (gratefully) receive during the holiday season are therefore used by some harried would be Waterloo region home buyers as a great opportunity to holiday shop for a home as well as last minutes gifts.

6. You are in complete control of when your home is shown over the holidays. No sensible Realtor – us included – is going to barge into your family get-together and demand to start showing the home.

7. If you sell your home quickly – which in a strong real estate market like the one we are enjoying in our area right now is a definite possibility – chances are the physical move will be set for February or March.

The advantages here are that as moving companies won’t be very busy you’ll likely get your number one choice for a good price and you’ll be set in your new home and on your way to your new life when the ‘spring listers’ are just getting started. You’ll be free to enjoy the upcoming summer in your new space while they are either still trying to sell there home or organise a move at one of the busiest times of the year.



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