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7 Things Realtors Really Want for Christmas

So this is it, Christmas is just days away – actually, most kids are into the hours countdown – and so everyone is making all of those last minute preparations and preparing all of those cool gifts to give out to family and friends. And to lighten things up a little, which is just what I wanted to do with this blog post 🙂

While I know that I, like other Realtors, will get some amazing and thoughtful gifts from my family, friends and clients I thought I’d share a few secrets about what many of us in the business are really hoping for this Christmas, even though even Santa probably can’t help with most of this:

1. For the oft repeated myth that we all make a lot of money for doing nothing to finally go away.

2. For the public to watch those HGTV real estate shows in the same way as they do professional wrestling; for entertainment purposes only.

3. For all homebuyers to understand how important pre-approval is

4. For a regularly scheduled nap time every day… with all communication devices disabled…

5. For shady telemarketers claiming they’ll send me ‘hundreds of qualified buyers’ to lose my number already..

6. For a tougher car…

7. For all of my family, friends, neighbours, clients and soon to be clients to have an amazing holiday season!



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