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A Simple Questionnaire to Jump Start Your Kitchen Remodeling Plans

Not only is a kitchen remodel the most popular type of home renovation undertaken in Canadian homes but that is a situation repeated all over the world. Experts also usually agree that as long as it is done right it can also be the home renovation that offers the best return on your investment.

The doing it right part is the key here though, and working with a professional kitchen remodeling specialist is really essential. Before you start picking up the phone to contact the pros though take some time to run through this very simple kitchen assessment to begin to work out just what you are hoping to achieve with a kitchen remodel. This way your conversations with kitchen remodeling professionals will be a little easier and more focused and allow the contractor to help you form a realistic plan that can be executed in your unique home that matches your desires as closely as possible.

A Simple Kitchen Remodeling Assessment

Basic Questions

How much time does the whole family spend in the kitchen? – In a growing number of homes the kitchen has become a lot more than a place to prepare dinner. For some households it is also a casual dining spot, a homework station and general gathering place. Any new kitchen design will need to take account of these functions.

Will you want all new appliances or are some of the ones you already own still serviceable and attractive enough to be incorporated into a new design?

What can you realistically afford to spend on your kitchen remodel?

Are there some elements of your current kitchen – a great backsplash or a good lighting scheme for example – that you do actually love and would like to be included in any new designs? If so tell your renovation specialist about those early on in the planning process so these things do not get lost somewhere along the way.

Kitchen Size Questions

Is the size of your household likely to change over the next few years? For example, do you have plans to expand your family or will the kids be leaving for college? These kinds of future developments may make a difference to the new kitchen you plan now.

Do you ever use your kitchen for casual entertaining? Would you like to be able to?

Are you concerned about future accessibility issues, getting around a kitchen when you or someone else in the household is older and less mobile? Adding certain accessibly features now may be the key to you or a loved one getting to stay in their own home, rather than going to an assisted living facility years down the line and such things are far more attractive than you might imagine.

Design Basics

Does the rest of your home follow a certain decor style that you would like replicated in your new kitchen?

What general kitchen design styles or features have you seen that you have really liked the idea of having in your new kitchen?

Simply by taking a little to time think about and answer these questions you should gain a clearer insight into just what getting a new kitchen means to you that you can communicate to your kitchen remodeling expert.

Angelica Pinto is an artist, interior design lover and Realtor serving the Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and Guelph, Ontario communities.

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