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Add Perceived Value – And Real Charm – to You Home with a Wall Mounted Fireplace

There is  no doubt that for many home buyers a fireplace is rather high on their want list and it, like granite counters or great hardwood floors, can certainly add to the perceived value of a home for sale. But what if didn’t have the time, money or even kind of home that is actually suitable to have a traditional fireplace built? These days there is a stylish way you can add a roaring fireplace to almost any room with a lot less fuss, mess and expense than ever before. How? By adding a wall mounted fireplace. And by doing so you could improve your chances of a quick sale.

Wall Mounted Fireplace Basics – The first thing most people realise about wall mounted fireplaces is just how absolutely visually stunning they can be. Many can be hung on the wall just like a picture and even the larger ones that require an alcove be cut into a wall to accommodate them are easy to install with the help of a good handyman (or a bit of careful DIY)

The idea behind a wall mounted fireplace is that there is no need for a flue, so therefore you can only purchase electric or pellet burning models as gas would be unsuitable of course. This flexibility of placement means that fireplaces are appearing in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and anywhere else in the home you can imagine.

Although they are not gas powered most of the wall mounted fireplace models available today not only boast a “real flame’ effect but also throw out quite a bit of heat if called upon to do so. As they are relatively economical to run, when the weather is cooler that can certainly help cut your heating bill down, another selling point to pitch to potential buyers.

Out on the Floor – Flue less fireplaces are not just for the wall though. Homeowners can actually find a number of very nice free standing fireplaces as well. These tend to take a more architectural form but if you are looking for that one perfect piece to transform a room from blah to beautiful then a free standing flue less fireplace may be just the thing.

Wonder just what these convenient – and very affordable – ‘alternative’ fireplaces look like when installed? Check out the gallery below, I think you’ll be impressed.



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