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Angelica’s Area Spotlight: Tour Google Kitchener -Waterloo with Me

Many people have already heard that Kitchener has become a real hub for tech companies and innovation, but not everyone knows that Google’s Canadian development headquarters are located right there at the heart of it all, leading the way.

Those employed at Google Kitchener Waterloo (and yes, they are hiring, check out the Careers Page here) are involved in some pretty high profile stuff. It’s the office that developed Gmail, are spearheading the Google Fiber program and play a huge part in the ongoing development of Google Chrome, both the browser and the OS. It’s an exciting team to be a part of I hear and certainly a huge opportunity for the professionals who work there.

If you know anything about Google as a company then you know they are famed for providing innovative, inclusive, cool and even fun places to work. And Kitchener is no exception. The offices are located in the the historic Lang Tannery Building and while things may look fairly normal from the outside (they do share the space with other tenants) inside is a bit of a different story. The conference rooms, for example, are called : Endor, Cardassia Prime and Magrathea (proud geeks will get it) and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

That’s why I thought it would be fun, for this latest installment of Angelica’s Area Spotlight to ‘take’ you, with Google’s help, on a pictorial tour of this amazing workplace (all photo credits go to Google)



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