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Basement Flooring Options – Which is Right for your Basement Remodel?

Flooring choices are always a big part of a full remodeling project, especially if that remodel is going on in the basement. There are of course lots of options to choose from, as is the case for any room in the home but the below grade nature of even a finished basement presents extra challenges and considerations that have to be kept in mind when making the choice:

Carpet – As many basements, even the completely finished ones, all naturally cooler than the rest of the home in areas that experience cold winters the idea of having a nice warm carpet in the basement space seems to the best one.

In theory that might be the case but carpet and damp are bitter enemies so the basement must be completely and professionally waterproofed and even then extra humidity may cause damp problems anyway. You should also keep in mind that in the terrible event of a flood carpet is likely to be hard to recover in the aftermath. Discuss how suitable carpeting will be for your project with your basement renovation specialist before you opt for it.

Stained Concrete – Stained concrete can be an excellent choice for a basement remodel that is going to become a home gym,. home office or other very practical space. It can be created in a great many different colors and patterns and is very versatile. The concrete itself is not enough to protect against moisture damage so make sure your contractor finishes the surface with a good sealant and be aware of the fact it may all need resealing several years down the line.

Ceramic Tile – Ceramic tile can be used in the basement and it is a great looking, easy to take care of option, as long as it is properly laid. A sub floor will probably need to laid before the tile, which could make this a rather expensive choice, but given the longevity of ceramic tile it still may be well worth keeping in mind when weighing up your choices.

Cork – As it is a very versatile and eco friendly choice cork has become more popular as a residential flooring choice over the last few years. Extremely attractive to look at, soft and forgiving underfoot, great for muffling noise and naturally bacteria resistant cork is an excellent choice for basement flooring that may be worth looking into.

Laminate – As long as it is laid by a flooring professional who really knows what they are doing laminate can be one of the best, most durable and cost effective choices for a basement remodel of any kind.

Another aesthetic advantage of laminate is the fact that it can be found in a great many different colors and textures and can mimic hardwood and even stone very well without the rather large costs (and problems) associated with installing the ‘real thing’ in a basement.

Angelica Pinto is an artist, interior design lover and Realtor serving the Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and Guelph, Ontario communities.

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