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Choosing the Right Carpet Colour for Your New Home

So you loved the house. Of course you do, you just bought it. Howwever, no home is perfect and one of the things you are considering is ripping out that ‘OK for staging’ beige carpet and splash out on some nice new carpeting to further enhance your brand new (to you) place.

Great idea. On the way to choosing just the right carpet though you have a lot of decisions to make – texture, manufacturer, actual cost per square foot – but most home-owner’s first (and biggest) consideration when they begin shopping for new carpeting is what colour and/or pattern they are going to opt for.

Like anything else you are going to have to live with day in and day out choosing the right carpet colour for you is very much a personal decision. There are however there are some basic points you can keep in mind when you visit the carpet showroom that should make narrowing down your huge array of colour choices to one final great selection a little easier.

One of the things you have to decide is how you want to make the room being re-carpeted to feel to people entering it for the first time, what kind if “vibe” you want it to give off. Do you want the atmosphere in the room to be warm and cosy or would you prefer a cooler, airier feeling. Is this a smaller room that would benefit from appearing a little more spacious or a larger space that tends to look a little sparse and uninviting right now? What colours will match (or at least compliment ) the furniture in the room? All of these issues have to been taken into consideration when you are flipping through that sample book.

Generally speaking neutrals and beiges are always a very popular carpeting colour choice as they can be used to complement and enhance almost any décor and will lend themselves to any décor style from ultra modern and contemporary to classic cottage and more.

If you want to be a little more adventurous in your carpet colour choices though you can really affect that all important ambiance in the room. To make any space feel warmer a carpet in the fire family works very well. The fire family includes all kinds of different shades from the lightest of yellowish oranges to the deepest of bluish reds. On the other hand any colour that might make you think of water – delicate light blues to very nature inspired yellow greens will help impart a sense of cool and calming tranquility into any space

Keeping in mind some other features of the room and how your carpet choice will affect them remember that a room that gets a great deal of natural light will be immediately dimmed by a darker carpet colour as it will absorb much of that light. And as lighter colours do impart that sense of extra space when used to carpet a large room they may end up making it feel more than a little cavernous and cold where a darker colour would make it feel a little more intimate and inviting.

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