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Choosing the Right Neutral Colour Palette When Selling Your Home

Strategic home staging prior to getting your listing photos and videos taken can make the difference between a potential buyer’s giving your listing little more than a passing glance and making a profitable sale. As more and more people begin their initial “house shopping” online, and are even getting their first real look at a property that way via virtual open houses, it’s even more important that you create an engaging listing.

But what catches the eye and what makes someone scroll past without a second glance? It often comes down to colour, but not in the way you might expect. Here we are going to take a closer look at how something as simple as the right neutral interior paint colours can help lead to a faster, more profitable sale.

“Paint Your Home in Neutrals” … it’s good advice when staging your home for sale. But what is a neutral colour palette when it comes to getting your home ready to sell?

Before you get a mental picture of your entire home painted bright white like a doctor’s office or completely in shades of ‘greige’ the fact is that “neutral” isn’t limited to white and beige.

You do want your home to stand out from others, especially when would be buyers are viewing homes online, and this can be done with neutral colour palettes. Here is a look at some neutral colour options that will delight homebuyers and yet are subtle enough that they should be nicely inoffensive too!

Sunshine Infused Neutrals

Colors infused with yellow, the colour that evokes cheerfulness and hope, but great yellow neutrals can do more than that.

Yellow can brighten up a room that doesn’t have enough natural light. The trick is discovering the undertone of the shade of yellow. Yellow can have a green or orange undertone that can be pleasant or terrible, depending on the surroundings. It can even have a gold undertone that can be downright garish!

We recommend testing various shades of yellow on a wall and watching how the light changes throughout the day.

When it comes to yellow, subtle is best. You don’t want to accidentally end up with something brash because the evening light plays a trick on you!

One of the great things about yellow is that it can look good in any home style, whether Colonial, Contemporary, Victorian, or Traditional. Yellow has been loved by every generation because everyone gravitates to sunshine.

Check out this graphic from Better Homes and Gardens for some great yellow neutral inspiration

Natural Blues and Greens

Green hues are great for bringing a little of the natural world inside. Most people respond to natural shades of green and blue positively. Blue and green hues are soothing and relaxing and are traditionally great for bedrooms.

Kitchens and living rooms can also benefit from a wash of green or blue. Sometimes a busy room can be calmed with the addition of blue or green-tinted neutral walls. A blue-green shade can evoke a coastal or beach aura in a room but it can also add elegance, especially to a very modern room.

The key to using these shades successfully in home staging is keeping them very subtle. All the colours in the graphic below do that wonderfully well.


Grey is a colour that works well with modern home staging and in homes in general. Grey is clean, soothing, and appeals to both genders. According to color psychology, grey is the colour of compromise and cooperation, an unemotional color. It makes a great choice for a neutral shade when staging a contemporary space as it will add depth and interest without drawing attention away from the rest of the space.

There are many shades of grey (no movie reference intended!) to choose from “Greige” leans to the taupe end of the spectrum, and is a current home design favourite, while “steel” tends toward the blue end. All the paint colours below from Benjamin Moore are considered grey neutrals, but, as you can see are all rather different, proving that the colour does not have to be boring at all!


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