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Clever Uses of Colour to Brighten Up Your Living Room Staging

Neutral colours are always a sensible choice when staging the living room in a home for sale. They go with pretty much anything and they don’t really offend anyone. The only problem is that they can be rather boring and fail to capture the imagination of buyers, making your home for sale anything but memorable. Adding colour to your living room staging efforts does not have to be too much of shock though and nor does it mean spending days with a paint brush and paint can in hand, there are other, simpler ways to liven the place up. Here are just a few good ideas:

Patterns: As you can see from this example the addition of some colourful, but not overwhelming, patterns have livened up what was once a very neutral living room and turned it into something very special. The solid coloured furniture adds “stability” to the space while the patterns add the fun.

Thrift Shop Chic : In this room the neutral walls and furniture have not been touched but what has been added are some great, super vibrant pieces of artwork discovered at a thrift shop. None of it really matches but that really does not matter because if you look closely there is one common thread – green and orange appear in most pieces, bringing a little order to the eclectic mix.

Small Touches Make a Big Difference – Even if darker neutrals really are your style a simple pop or two of colour adds energy and interest without breaking the overall mood of the colour scheme. Here simple red and white cushions and bouquet of bright red flowers do the job very nicely.

Pick a Focal Point – The fact that this bold blue coffee table stands out so well from the rest of the white room means that the space has a central focus point and yet still looks airy and uncluttered.

Think Out of the Box – Most people would shy away from a bold colour combination like blue and yellow but as you can see it works perfectly in this room because its use is fairly subtle, the end result being one that is fun and youthful and not at all overwhelming.



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