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Creating a Chic Space in a Tiny Bathroom

An extra bathroom can be a big selling point for any home. But if that bathroom is very small is that still really the case?

If you have a particularly small bathroom – the guest bathroom perhaps – in your home for sale you might think that there is nothing much you can do without it except try to keep it as clean and organised as possible. That does not have to be the case though. With a little imagination and a few of the great fixtures and decor materials available today, your tiny bathroom can actually be transformed into a practical space that is every bit as beautiful as its larger counterparts and every bit as appealing to potential homebuyers.

Try a Tiny Tub

10 Tips for Chic Little Bathrooms

Bathtubs come in all kinds of shapes and sizes right now, the days of the plain, rectangular bathtub are perhaps even over. In this example, wasted spaces under the eaves of this loft bathroom was reclaimed with the clever use of an attractively shaped, space saving soaking tub.

Use Every Little Corner

10 Tips for Chic Little Bathrooms (1)

Some small bathrooms have such odd angles and awkward corners that it can be tough to even envision how this extra space can be put to any practical use at all. In a bathroom with a corner that seems to be impossible, a corner shower enclosure can be the perfect solution. Here the homeowner also added a ‘floating’ wall hung fixture that not only gave previously unused space a real purpose but also creates an illusion of extra space that is extremely attractive.

Add The Illusion of Space With Color

10 Tips for Chic Little Bathrooms (2)

Homeowners should never be afraid to harness the power of muted, soothing colors over the standard stark white in a small bathroom space. Here, a lovely duck egg blue not only gives this small bathroom a tranquil, peaceful quality but it also draws the eye to the windows, creating an illusion of extra length and space.

Plan Fixtures Carefully

10 Tips for Chic Little Bathrooms (3)

There is little doubt that getting all of the fixtures and fittings you really want into a small bathroom space is a big challenge, but, with the help of a contractor  experienced in bathroom remodeling, it can be done. For example, even in this teeny space there is a glass screened shower, a deep soaking tub and a practical sized vanity, and none of it looks crowded at all.

Think Outside the Box

10 Tips for Chic Little Bathrooms (4)

A tiny bathroom does not have to be a masterpiece of all mod cons in order to be chic and practical. Here this eclectic wooden tub shower not only fits perfectly into a very small space but also looks delightfully charming and rustic as well.

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