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Depersonalizing Your Living Room Colour Scheme for Home Selling Success

Your living room is a place where chances are you spend a great deal of your time when you are at home, as well as the place where you entertain guests so choosing just right decor is understandably something that people find very important. Whatever the furniture in the room is like though the real tone and feel of the room is determined by the colors it contains and choosing just the right ones is something that should be given quite lot of thought. Different living room colour schemes evoke different moods and as many design experts can tell you the colour in a room can actually affect the emotions of the people in it.

People do tend use their living rooms for different purposes. For those who want their living room space to be a family friendly cheerful place that is a little on the casual side then colour palettes that contain “happy” colours like a buttery soft yellow, a subtle cream or even a bolder colour like orange can all help the space feel that way to everyone who enters it.

Other people prefer that their living room be a tranquil place to relax away from the stresses of the outside world. Blues are great for achieving such a vibe as are soft pastel shades of purple and green.

There are certain colours that if you are going to add them to your living room at all you should do so very carefully. As well as being a powerful colour red can also evoke strong negative emotions like anger so it should be used sparingly in any room. Black and white can work well in a very contemporary, sparsely furnished living room but it is not a colour palette that is very warm or friendly so may not be the right choice for a space that the whole family will use.

So if you are planning on selling your home, which will mean appealing to as many people as possible, what should you do with its’ colour scheme to avoid creating the ‘wrong vibe’ with something as simple as a personal colour choice? In the interests of de-personalizing the space (a phrase you will likely hear quite often in selling process) you may want to invest a little time, money and effort into ‘neutralizing’ the room’s colour palette if it is a very distinctive one.

What counts as neutral? Usually beiges, creams and off whites. It probably sounds really boring and a choice you would not make for yourself, but that is kind of the point. Hopefully soon the home is not going to be yours and it is important that any potential buyer viewing it can easily picture the space as their own.

By creating a ‘blank’ slate it will be far easier for them to do so and they won’t go away haunted by the fact that they ‘loved the space but hated the color’. Certainly paint is easy enough to change, but any Realtor can tell you that often when something they dislike sticks in a buyer’s mind they refuse to see past it, even if they are really passing on a home that was otherwise rather suitable. So why take the risk? Tone down your current colour scheme a little to get your current home sold faster and you will be so much closer to creating the new decor scheme of your dreams in your new one.



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