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Does Your Home for Sale Need Electrical Work? What to Look for When Hiring a Pro

Home sellers not only have to think long and hard about what they need to do in terms of redecorating and staging to help get their home sold but also what repairs and upgrades may be needed not only to get the place sold but also to make sure it can ‘pass’ a home inspection.

The most common ‘bigger’ ticket items homes for sale need in order to do this usually involve either plumbing or electrical work. Hiring someone to work on the delicate electrical systems in your home calls for a little more care and research than you might put into say, hiring someone to mow your lawn. Finding the right electrician is not only a matter of getting the best value for you money but also of getting work done to the highest possible standard. So what should you be looking for when seeking a good electrician to work on your home before it goes up for sale?

 Licensing – Although being licensed isn’t the only mark of a good electrician it is a very good indication that they possess the knowledge, training and expertise to get the job done right. In addition, most homeowners insurance policies mandate that any electrical work carried out on the premises covered by the policy be performed by a licensed electrician only, otherwise they have the right to deny any claims related to electrical problems, even if the work was performed years ago, so it’s actually something a buyer’s home inspector is likely to ask you about.

 Advertising – Just because a certain company has splashier ads than others in the area does not mean that the work they do is any better. If a company spends a great deal of money on its advertising they actually tend to pass those costs off onto their customers. Judge each company by its real reputation and the opinions of their previous clients rather than their ads on TV.

 Make sure you are actually hiring an electrician rather than a plumber who does a “bit of electrical work as well.” Many remodeling contractors will also offer to do the electrics involved in any given job but if they are a not licensed electrician, that is an offer that should be politely declined.

 Estimates -The general “get three estimates “guideline applies to hiring an electrician as well. The homeowner should keep in mind that the dollar amount quoted for the job does not necessarily serve as a measure for determining who would be the best for the job. The highest bid may not mean that the company is the best in the area as the lowest bid does not always indicate that the work performed will not be up to the standards you are looking for. When hiring an electrician you have to look at the “big picture.”

 References – When the electrician you are considering presents you with their references take the time to actually check them yourself. That means actually getting on the telephone and speaking to former clients and asking them pertinent questions that go beyond “Are the X Company any good?” Did the electrician show up when they said they would? Was the job completed in a timely manner? Were all the workers easy to get along with? All of these factors are important, especially if the job you are hiring for is a larger one that will stretch over several days (or even weeks)



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