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Easy and Affordable Summer Decor Home Staging Tips

Most people use their home rather differently in the summer than they do in the winter. When its cold outside homes are usually sealed off with every draft that can be kept out excluded, windows are covered with heavy drapes and no one looks outside at the backyard unless they want to check how much it snowed!

A summer home is very different though and there are a few changes you can make around the house that are simple and inexpensive that can give your home a summertime makeover, something that is especially important if you are staging your Waterloo Region home for sale.

Replace Your Window Treatments

Heavy curtains or drapes should be retired in the summertime and replaced with something lighter and airier – a stylish Venetian blind draped with gauzy panels of net can almost instantly make any room feel summery and invitingly cool. These are also relatively inexpensive, so the change won’t hit you in the wallet too hard!

Create an Outdoor Dining Space

The last thing that most people want to do on a warm summer evening is sit down to dinner in a hot stuffy kitchen or dining room. Alfresco dining is one of the great joys of summer and even if you only have the smallest porch, patio or patch of grass a small bistro table and a couple of chairs can be all it takes to create a simple outdoor dining space that you can enjoy all season long. This is an excellent home staging trick as well, as such a space will spark a potential buyer’s imagination about all the great things they could do in the summer should they opt to buy your place. 

Light Up the Night

Most people like to spend summer evenings outside and with just the right amount of illumination you won’t have to come in as soon as the sun goes down. Outdoor lighting does not have to mean spending a fortune on electricians and rewiring though, there are plenty of inexpensive DIY outdoor lighting solutions at your local home store that can not only light up your garden but make it look far more attractive as well.

Keep Things Cool

If you are selling your home often you just don’t know when your agent might be stopping by with a potential buyer. The last thing you want in the summer is for buyers to be led into a hot, stuffy home, as that alone may put them off immediately. On the flip side, you certainly don’t want to overcool an empty house and that will send you utility bills skyrocketing for sure. 

A good compromise is to make use of a programmable thermostat. Program your A/C to come on at intervals during the day to ensure that the place remains cool – but not too cold – to welcome any unexpected guests while you are out. Invest in a smart thermostat like the Nest and you can go one step further. As smart thermostats can be controlled from your phone, as soon as your agent calls to let you know they are taking a buyer over you can set the A/C in your home to kick on right from your desk! 

Replace Your Bug Screens

Buzzing, biting bugs are one of the most annoying things about summer. there is very little you can do about them when you are outside except wear a good insect repellent but you certainly don’t want them buzzing around the house. Before the summer begins make sure you check all of your window and door screens for holes and tears and replace them if they even have very small holes since the most insects are very small creatures that only need the smallest of openings to get into your home.



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