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Easy DIY Staging Tricks that Cost Under $50

As a Waterloo Region homeseller maybe you know that your home could do with a little extra staging help. But as you are selling the home – and probably hoping to buy a new one at the same time – you probably don’t want to spend a lot of money on implementing them. However, the old financial business adage – you’re got to spend money to make money – does often apply here.

However, it does not always have to be that much. Check out these simple DIY ideas that will help stage your home and maybe even hide some of its ‘flaws’ without costing you more than $50 and taking up too much of your time.

Floating Shelves

Most home buyers are looking for different things to one another but the one thing most of them will be looking for is proof that there will be plenty of storage space throughout the house. In a room where cupboards and closets are not available aplenty then installing a set of floating shelves, which can be purchased inexpensively at any home store and installed in an hour or so at most – can create instant storage space while also adding to the overall visual appeal of the space.

Open Up a Cramped Kitchen

Speaking of space and storage it is especially important that homebuyers see it in the kitchen. Homeowners whose kitchen is smaller worry about this quite a lot. But no fear. One of the easiest ways to ‘open up’ a smaller kitchen is to literally remove a few cabinet doors, paint the cabinet interior and then artfully arrange some of your best dishes inside to create a display that will both create the illusion of space and impress visually.

Change a Few Doorknobs

As any potential buyer is going to be going in and out of every room in your home the chances are pretty good that they are going to be looking at every door they pass through. And although it may seem like a really small detail, a broken or worn doorknob can be a real turn off for many of them. Fortunately such things can be replaced pretty easily and you can find some really great looking options that will add style as well as function for just a few dollars each.

Jazz Up Your House Numbers

Your house numbers are something that are more important to the home selling process than you might think. Although many people begin their search for a home on the Internet these days the idea of cruising a neighbourhood at the weekend looking for homes for sale is far from dead. So it’s very important that the number of your home is clearly visible from the street, so that passersby can look it up if your for sale sign piques their interest.

And while you are making them more visible why not make them better looking at the same time? Head into the decorative hardware section at your local home store and you should be able to find some really great options that will take you just a minute or so to mount.

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