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Easy Home Hacks: Cleaning Ceramic Tile Floors the Right Way

Ceramic tile floors are attractive, durable and very versatile, all of which are very good reasons to consider them as a flooring option as a part of a kitchen or bathroom remodel. They are also relatively easy to care for but they will look better longer if you incorporate the following tips into your floor cleaning regimen:

Basic Cleaning

Ceramic tile floors should really be swept or vacuumed as often as a carpet. Although more resistant to actual dirt than many types of carpet ceramic tile can still be easily dulled by tiny pieces of sand and grit (usually tramped in from outside) so clearing such things away on a regular basis really is a must.

Ceramic tile floors do get dirty though and will require a good mopping every once in a while. You do not need to use and fancy cleaners, a mild soap and water solution will do just fine. The mop you use does make a difference though. A rag or chamois type mop is a better idea than a sponge one as the latter has a tendency to push dirt exactly where you do not want it to go – right onto the harder to clean grout.

Dealing with Residue

If your ceramic tile looks dull or cloudy the chances are good that you have been using a little too much detergent when mopping the floor and/or have not been rinsing it off adequately. To get rid of this dulling residue and brighten things up again make use of a non abrasive all purpose cleaner, rinse it off with clean lukewarm water and then buff dry with a lint free cloth. Don’t kill yourself by going down on your hands and knees to dry the tiles though, push the cloth over the floor with your foot instead!

Getting Rid of Grimy Grout

The one thing that is a bit of a downside to a ceramic tile floor in any space is dealing with trying to keep the grout clean. You can help yourself out from the very start by asking that your contractor use a grout sealant where they lay the tile but even that cannot guarantee it will stay clean because simply put it will not as it will still be porous enough to absorb lots of dirt and grease.

To clean the grout skip all the expensive specialist products and use a simple, but very effective baking soda and water paste. apply it to the grout, leave it to sit overnight and then rinse it away in the morning, using a nylon brush (yes a toothbrush really is best) to remove any tough stains.

Angelica Pinto is an artist, interior design lover and Realtor serving the Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and Guelph, Ontario communities.



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