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Easy Home Improvement: Great Kitchen Island Ideas

Certain home improvement projects are simply more exciting than others. While replacing the old plumbing or outdated electrical wiring might be very necessary it is not exactly exciting! In the same vein, some other projects are rather complicated and involve all kinds of upheaval and expense, like a kitchen remodel.

Adding an island to a kitchen though is a pretty exciting and relatively stress-free project that can make an instant difference to the appearance of your kitchen space. It can also be a way to add perceived value and extra appeal if you are in the process of staging your home for sale. The hardest part of the whole project can actually be deciding what kind of island best suits your needs and will add the most to your home in terms of both looks and function.

If this project sounds like something that might improve your kitchen and indeed your life and/or your chances of a faster home sale,  here are a few tips for choosing one to keep in mind:

Know What You Want in a Kitchen Island

The right kitchen island can truly improve the functionality of your kitchen. To choose the right one though begin by evaluating how much you cook, what it is that you like to cook most often and where you feel the space needs improvement for you to do these things better. For example, if you’re more the bake a great deal than consider choosing a kitchen island with a marble countertop as that would be perfectly suited to rolling doughs onto. If on the other hand, you have very limited sink space, why not look for a kitchen island that comes with a large farmhouse sink – ideal for washing up larger pots and pans with ease.

Choose a Kitchen Island that Can Multi-Task

Most people use their kitchen for a lot more than just cooking these days and to a certain extent in many homes, it has taken over many of the functions that are living room or dining room used to have.

If you chose the right kitchen island it can be turned, on an as-needed basis, into all kinds of things. An extra prep surface is certainly one thing it can be but it could also serve as a casual dining table (as long as you add the appropriate stools) a homework station, a great central buffer station when entertaining (less mess in the living room) and the one thing that kitchen islands are truly great for is providing some much needed extra storage without having to go to the expense of a kitchen cabinet remodel to gain space.

Kitchen Island Inspirations

Need some shopping inspiration? Have a look at some of these great kitchen island options:

The Dining Island

If you have a large kitchen an island like this one offers ample extra workspace, storage and a stylish way to dine all in one.

The Super Storage Kitchen Island

This island adds so much extra storage space to a kitchen it is like having four new cabinets installed – but for a fraction of the cost and with a lot less fuss! The wet bar is an added bonus!

The Temporary Kitchen Island

A kitchen island does not even need to be a built-in. This iron rack island can move with its owners if required and it offers all the functionality and style of a more permanent fixture.



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