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Easy, Inexpensive ‘Luxury’ Bathroom Upgrades That May Sell Your Home

Every Waterloo Region home seller is looking for an edge when it comes to helping their home stand out from the crowd. And more and more they are finding – as are those of us working as Realtors – that it is little ‘tech’ extras that can really attract the interest of buyers even though they actually seem rather small.

It’s also fair to say when anyone is selling their home there are two spaces that potential buyers scrutinize the hardest; the kitchen and the bathroom(s). And when it comes to the bathroom there are certain elements that are easy (and relatively inexpensive for a homeowner to add) that can really increase its appeal to buyers and indeed even it’s ‘perceived value’

Upgrading your bathroom in this way does not have to mean a complete re-do and there are some great upgrades that can really positively impact any bathroom, improving both its overall look and function. These simple home improvements can be made for a relatively small investment but the difference they will make to your day to day life while you still live in the home, as well as to its perceived value, is huge. Here are some great bathroom upgrades well worth considering:

Radiant Underfloor Heating

If you have ceramic tile, stone or even plain old lino on your bathroom floor you probably know just how unpleasant stepping out of the shower onto a cold hard floor can be. Installing radiant underfloor heating solves that problem and it is actually the single most energy efficient way to heat the bathroom as well.

Heated Towel Racks

Staying on the warming theme, a heated towel rack means that whenever you step out of the bath or shower you can wrap yourself in a towel that is warm as well as soft. It’s not a bathroom necessity by any stretch of the imagination but its awfully nice to have one of these and imagine how impressed house guests – and potential home buyers – will be!

Skylights and Suntubes

If yours is a rather dark bathroom but you don’t have the space (or budget) to knock out part of a wall to add a new window a skylight or sun-tube may be the perfect alternative. Solar tubes are particularly effective as they are specially designed to make the most of whatever natural light is available and direct it down and out to brighten up even the smallest space without adding to the electricity bill.

Luxurious Shower Heads

Creating a spa-like a shower in your own bathroom can be achieved simply by changing the shower head. Rain showers, dual shower heads and body sprays are all great ways to improve your shower experience. For the ultimate in spa at home luxury though consider swapping a regular shower head for a steam shower head. Such things are less expensive than you might imagine and a good tradesman can have one installed and ready for use in the matter of just an hour or so.

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