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Easy Kitchen Staging Tips for the Waterloo Region Home Seller

There are so many things that if you, as a Waterloo Region home seller, are working with a great Realtor that they can help you with that the process of selling your home, and probably searching for a new one at the same time, is not as hard or as stressful as you might imagine. There are some things that are really are down to you, the seller, though.

One of those things is “staging” your house to sell. As the kitchen is the place most potential buyers tend to zero in on first, it is more than important that this room is “set just right”. Here are some tips for kitchen staging to help you get that sale, especially as there are plenty of homes that have been sold simply because a home buyer fell in love with the great kitchen

The Big Clean

Cleaning, and lots of it is, of course, the first order of business. Yes you keep your kitchen counters wiped down and your floors mopped anyway, but when was the last time you actually dusted up in that corner by the cabinets? Not for a while, judging by that cobweb!

Yet these are the things that a potential buyer, who has never been in your kitchen before, will notice right away. So a really big clean up should be your first order of business.

The Power of Lifestyle Staging

When it comes to actually kitchen staging before you open up your home to potential buyers there are a few easy tricks you can employ to give it that little extra something.

For instance, in most homes these days the kitchen is more than just a place where dinner is cooked. It’s more of a family hangout. Kids do homework there, guests gather there at parties and Moms and Dads just catch up with the kids there, because the kitchen happens to be the place they all head when their increasingly busy days are over. Some well-placed kitchen furniture can really help to make the space more inviting and help potential buyers to visualize how well your kitchen can fit their lifestyle.

Little Extras That Make a Big Difference

And then there are the little touches that professional kitchen staging experts use when prepping a space for showing. Live potted herbs can do double-duty as decoration and cooking ingredients to make a lovely accessory that will also help your kitchen seem warmer and inviting. A place that potential buyers could see themselves preparing a meal in.

Some professional home stagers will even use colorful bowls of fruit, statement piece kitchen accessories, or even plates of homemade biscuits and a pot of freshly made tea or coffee, so that the kitchen appears even more inviting, as well as acting to encourage buyers to linger a little so that you and your Realtor can point out all the others advantages of your home over all of the others they might be seeing.



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