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Effective and Inexpensive Ways to Keep Your Home Warm Without Cranking the Heat

The colder weather is here–with months more coming–and so it’s time to crank up the heat to help ensure that your home (and you and your family) remain warm and toasty.

But no matter how you heat your home, it can’t exactly be described as a cheap undertaking, meaning that if there are effective ways to be found that can help homeowners crank up that heat just a little less, most budget savvy homeowners will be at least willing to try them.

With the in mind here are some clever ways you can keep warm(er) this winter without having to run your heating system at full blast for too long, even on the coldest winter days.

Use Your Blinds and Drapes Wisely

We all know that good, insulating blinds and drapes are an excellent way to help keep all of that expensive heat contained inside where you want it to be. That does not mean however that they should remain closed all the time.

Even the winter sun has warming powers and so by keeping them open during the sunny parts of the day you’ll give your heating system a helping hand.

Change Up How You ‘Dress’ Your Floors

Hardwood and tile floors are popular choices with homeowners – and, as a tip to those considering selling their home, to home buyers as well – and for lots of good reasons. When properly taken care of, they are very attractive, easy to clean and rather durable. In the winter however they can also be a little too cold.

One way to help solve the problem is to add an extra area rug or two to bare floors in your home. They’ll help keep the room warmer and also add a nice cozy touch to your home decor, something that’s always nice to have when the weather outside is frightful!

Change Up How You Dress Yourself

You want to be comfortable in your own home but that does not mean that you keep it hot enough that you can still walk around it in your summer shorts! You probably know that dressing in layers is the best way to stay warm when you are outside but that’s true when you are indoors too.

We don’t mean that you should keep the place so cool that you have to walk around in a heavy overcoat and scarf but adding a cardigan or hoodie over your shirt or making sure you wear warm socks and slippers are easy dressing tweaks that will help you keep warmer without cramping your fashion style.

Change Up to a Winter Diet

This one is actually rather easy, as just as most of us crave lighter foods in summer (salads, cool drinks, ice cream etc.) we crave heartier fare in the winter. And while piping hot soups, steamy stews and creamy hot chocolates are delicious they also literally warm you up at the same time too.

Sweat the Small Stuff

There are all kinds of little things you can do to help keep your home warmer that it’s all too easy to overlook. Keep heating vents and registers dust free is not the most exciting of tasks but it is a great way to get the most out of the heat that is expelled from them.

Weather stripping doors and windows is not a thrilling DIY project either but it is a great way to ensure that these heat stealing gaps are plugged up safely for the winter, helping you and yours not only stay warmer but save on your heating bills as well.

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