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Everyday Home Staging: Great Green Floor Cleaning Tips

Keeping your home clean is always important, but it becomes even more so if your home is for sale and your Realtor may be bringing over prospective buyers on any day to give the place an initial once over. And a grimy home never makes a great first impression.

More and more these days, people are realizing the fact that some cleaning products they use around their homes daily are not good for the environment–or their own health. On the other hand they want their homes to be clean and sanitary to provide a great environment for everyone who lives there and to make a great impression on any guests – or potential future residents in the form of home buyers – that might pop by.

Cleaning hard surface flooring, whether it is traditional hardwood or modern laminate is not a hard chore. The beauty of these floors is just how easy they are to take care of but they need a little TLC regularly. The good news is that you do not have to fill your home full of potentially noxious chemicals to keep your hard surface flooring spic and span. Here are some cleaning methods for floor cleaning that are as good for your floors as they are for the planet:

Green Hardwood Floor Care

As far as hardwood flooring goes, water is an enemy. If allowed to soak in, warping, staining and other damage will quickly ensue so traditional wet mopping is out. Damp mopping (where you use a mop that is just barely moist) on the other hand is fine.

The best non-toxic floor hardwood cleaning solution is ¼ of a cup of mild liquid dishwashing detergent added to a bucket of warm water and applied to floor with the aforementioned damp mop. Some people also recommend using a vinegar solution to clean hardwood floors but that is not a wise move in the long term as the acidic content of the vinegar will eventually dull your hardwood flooring’s finish.

Green Laminate Flooring Care

Laminate flooring is durable and easy to take care of, one of its biggest attractions for many homeowners. To maintain its beautiful appearance, you should follow manufacturer’s directions, but avoid their cleaning products—you don’t need them. A simple damp mopping will suffice, again with the same mild detergent solution as recommended for a hardwood floor. Avoid those “mop and shine” type cleaners because they will make the floor look cloudy and leave behind a film that only attracts even more dirt and dust.

Green Ceramic Tile Floor Care

The best way to clean ceramic tile flooring without damaging it is to pre-wet the floor with a damp mop before using any cleaners. The water saturates the porous tile and prevents any cleaning agents from penetrating into the tile body and causing damage. Floor tiles should be  rinsed thoroughly after cleaning. Always start with the mildest cleaning agent–which may simply be some nice warm water–and don’t use harsh, abrasive tile cleaners that can scratch the glaze.



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