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Family Friendly Summer Fun in the Waterloo Region

The weekend backyard cookouts at Waterloo Region homes all over the city are in full swing and the sunscreen is out! Our favourite time of year is officially here – summer in Waterloo Region at its finest.

And while there are lots of summer specials at local restaurants and bars and great food, beer and music festivals for adults to enjoy there are plenty of times when the younger children will be tagging along for some summer fun as well.

Fortunately, there’s lots of family friendly summer fun on tap in Kitchener Waterloo too. Here’s a look at some of our personal favourites:

Bingeman’s Big Splash

It often seems that when Bingeman’s Big Splash opens in Kitchener every June that it’s even bigger and better than the year before, and this year is no exception.

If you – and the kids – like the water then you’ll probably head to the water rides first. There are plenty to choose from as well. For little ones the Spray and Play interactive water park is a blast and the Wave Pool is lots of fun as well. Daredevils tend to love the high-speed twists offered up by The Pipe and if you’re really brave you can try the gravity defying Cyclone.

You don’t actually have to get wet to enjoy a day at Bingeman’s though. Their Escape Room attraction looks like a great family challenge and the Mini Golf course are always lots of fun to play around.

African Lion Safari

Can you really go on an African Lion Safari by driving to a spot just outside of Cambridge? The answer is yes, and you and your family can meet – and in some cases greet – lots of other exotic creatures as well.

The African Lion Safari is home to 1,000 exotic birds and animals from around the world and is a real area gem that’s suitable for kids and adults of all ages, whether big cats or big spiders (and everything in between) are your thing.

Chicopee Tube Park

If you thought that the Chicopee Tube Park in Kitchener was strictly a place for winter fun you’re wrong, it’s a blast to visit in the summer as well. There’s Trampoline Bungee Jumping, thrilling Ziplines, a challenging Spiderweb Climbing Tower for the brave and lower to the ground horizontal rope challenges for those of us who aren’t as excited about heights. And best of all the tubes that are so much fun to go down in winter are ‘summer-ized’ to allow you to enjoy tube sliding without the need for snow or water.



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