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Feng Shui Wisdom and Home Decor Basics for Beginners

We’re quite sure that you’ve heard of Feng Shui even if you don’t know much about it. Until recently, we had about the same amount of knowledge on the subject as most people do – it’s Chinese, it’s ancient and it’s something to do with how the layout and physical contents of your home affect your moods, your life and, supposedly, your fortune.

Very deep stuff, deeper perhaps than you might imagine real estate professionals to get into. But some of the Feng Shui theories are actually fascinating, and may be a way to help you decide between different options available to you when searching for a new home, or when redecorating or upgrading your current one . Here are some of the basics, enjoy , but since we are experts in Kitchener-Waterloo area real estate, not ancient Eastern mysticism, it’s a very basic guide!

The Five Elements of Feng Shui

Feng Shui works with five elements – water, fire, wood, metal and earth – and which you chose apparently has a different meaning and a different effect on the overall feeling of your home. Fire colors for instance, whether they are found in the carpeting on your floor or the ceramic tile in your bathroom impart warmth, enthusiasm, energy, activity and general good fortune. Feng Shui wisdom advises however that fire colors be used in sensible doses; something that seems to be more common sense than anything else since an all red house could be quite hard to live with!

The Earth element – which encompasses shades of olive green, brown, burnt orange and mustard as well as materials like stone and granite – are supposedly responsible for good health, security, safety, patience, honesty and stability. Water based design and color choices on the other hand (blues and greens) should create a feeling of calm, stability and a sense of excitement and positive expectation.

Since many prospective home buyers are we are very much into hardwood flooring, it was interesting to learn that wood is supposed to denote prosperity and growth wherever it is found in the home. Metal, although in large doses can be cold and harsh, is said to lend a touch of “power’.

The picture above represents the way all of the elements can be used in a single room – in this case the kitchen – to give it a Feng Shui balance (as well as to make it look pretty stunning) Whatever you think of these theories they are certainly interesting to keep in mind when you are shopping for a new home, or for new flooring, cabinets or indeed any interior decorating elements for your current one.



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