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Finishing a Remodel the Right Way – A Must Do Checklist

When you are in the middle of a remodeling project, even a small one, it really can feel as if it will never end. And yet one day it does and the contractors are packing up their stuff for good and saying their final goodbyes. Before you wave them off though you should make sure you can check off all of the last minute details on this handy list:

Store the Old Stuff

Remodeling a space, especially in an older home, often means that you will be replacing older finishes and fixtures with new ones. You should however think twice before you allow all of this stuff to be hauled off to the dump. Some things, like older but still functional light fixtures may come in handy in the future, especially if you end up selling your home and a potential buyer wants an idea of what the original home looked like.

Check That Everything Works

Before the pros leave you to live happily after after with your remodel do one last check to make sure that everything in your newly remodeled space works as it should. For example, if you have just had the kitchen remodeled not only should you test all of the new appliances and make sure that the electrical outlets are all functioning properly but you should also open every cabinet and every drawer to make sure there are no problems. Hopefully there won’t be but it is better to find out about even little issues now while the people who can put them right are still on hand.

Make Sure You Understand the Maintenance

Those new granite counter tops look amazing but do you really know the best way to keep them looking that way? Do you know what cleaning products you should and should not use to keep your new hardwood floors looking that way? Take the time now to pick the brains of your contractors about such things while they are still there, your house will thank you for it later!

Hang on to Extra Materials

Unless you speak up your contractors are going to assume that you want any extra materials they did not use during the remodel taken out of your way so that you can enjoy your brand new space. You should however hang on to any extras because they can prove to be very useful in the future. Having that extra tile, a half roll of wallpaper or even that half can of paint could be invaluable if and when you need to make a repair or do a bit of a touch up.

Get – and Submit – All of those Warranties

Those nifty new appliances or beautiful new floors may indeed come with a great warranty, but it is only going to be any good to you if it is activated. Make sure that the contractors have provided you will all of the right information and then you then take the time to actually send those little warranty cards in.

Angelica Pinto is an artist, interior design lover and Realtor serving the Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and Guelph, Ontario communities.

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