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Great Home Staging Props That Add Wow for $20 (or Less)

The devil, they often say, is in the details. When it comes to staging your Waterloo Region home for sale that can certainly be very true, and sometimes it’s the little things that can have quite an impact on would-be buyers in ways you might not expect. With this in mind, here is a brief list of some of the things we have learned over the years can be utilized to add a little extra wow to your home – whether you are selling it or not – and the best part is they all cost under $20.

New Front Doormat

No front entrance is really quite ‘finished’ without a good looking doormat. And even though buyers may only see it for a few seconds on the way in (and out) they will notice it, so make it a good one that complements the rest of the staging you have planned for this area.

The mat you chose should be nice and neutral in design – no cartoons, sayings or monograms – but you don’t have to spend a great deal of money to get the look you want. In just a quick ten minute trip to your local Home Depot, you can find dozens of choices for under $20 and they are all very durable options as well, an obvious must for any doormat.

New Lampshades

Good lighting is crucial to any home staging efforts, but don’t hide away lamps you usually make use of because they are a little dated or worn, buy them a new lampshade and give them a new lease on life instead. If possible, go for a shade that is light and opaque rather than dark or heavy – as that will help add even more light to the space – and skip the fussy patterns and tassles, stick to something sleek and fairly neutral in color.

Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are fabulous staging accessories that can be used almost anywhere in the home. They offer a great way to cover up seating that has seen better days, to add visual interest and/or pops of colour to a neutrally decorated room or simply just to add a cosy feeling to a bed or sofa with ease.


Paint is usually on the shopping list or anyone staging a home (there are always at least some spots that need a touch up) There are of course hundreds of different options to chose from, but whatever you buy to paint doors, walls and/or with consider picking up a few cans of Rust-Oleum as well.

This versatile specialist paint can be put to all kinds of uses as it covers metal, wood and even plastic perfectly and quickly, so rather than worrying about buying a new mailbox, or replacing your older dining chairs you can just spray paint them instead, giving them a new look and saving you quite a bit of money.

Fresh Flowers

Even in the dead of winter, you can usually find some beautiful – and affordable – bouquets at your local florists – or even at the farmer’s market – and there really is nothing like a vase of fresh flowers to add an inviting air to any space in your home. Don’t be tempted to swap real blooms for plastic though, the effect is just not the same and it can end up looking rather cheap and tacky, which is certainly not the impression you want to give.

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