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Great Interior Door Upgrades to Change Your Home’s Look and Function

How often do you give much thought to the doors inside your home? If you are like many homeowners the answer is not very much. They open, they close they do a job. End of story.

This kind of thinking may mean however you are missing out on a chance to not only improve the look of your Waterloo Region home by adding new doors in a different style but often the function of certain spaces as well, considerations that become far more important if you are even considering putting your home up for sale.  Here are some examples of interior door upgrades that do just that:

Small Space Pocket Doors

If you are already dealing with a fairly small space the last thing you really need is a door gobbling up too much of the usable floor space. Pocket doors can provide the perfect, space-saving answer. 

A pocket door doesn’t just save space—it can also solve problems, particularly in tight spots. For example, a pocket door might be used in a small half-bath that simply doesn’t have enough space for an in-swinging door and where an out-swinging door would be awkward. There, use of a pocket door could circumvent building an unnecessarily large bathroom or stealing space from an adjacent closet or similar area.

Another typical spot for a pocket door is where there is space for a regular door to swing but where it would be in the way when open. This situation is common in bathrooms, closets, and laundry rooms. Almost anywhere an open door would become an obstacle, a pocket door makes sense, both in terms of style and function. 

For a large, double-wide doorway between two rooms—a dining room and living room, for example—a pair of pocket doors can be a very elegant, practical addition. (Pocket doors have been used in this type of application since the turn of the century.) When open, as such doors usually are, pocket doors don’t clutter or obstruct the area around the doorway.

Barn Door Dividers

More and more of us are combining the kitchen and dining areas, or are buying homes that are designed that way. What if you would occasionally like a meal in private though, or get to eat without having to stare at a pile of dirty plates in the sink? Sliding barn style doors provide the perfect answer while adding a little rustic charm to the space.

A Door In Disguise

In this example when this door, which leads to a master bathroom, is closed it looks just like another part of the built-in closet, a very clean, modern solution to bathroom and bedroom privacy that would work very well in a contemporary design scheme.

Home Office Division

Working from home is a challenge that more and more people are undertaking. It can be hard to strike a balance between getting enough separation so that you can work in peace without feeling like you are completely isolated from the rest of the world (and the home) In this example glass and metal doors provide sliding convenience, great style and a “window” out to the rest of the home even when they are closed.



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