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Green is the Hot Home Decor Trend for 2014, but Can You Pull it Off?

These days if someone were to tell you that they planned on ‘greening their home’ you would probably assume that they meant they were making environmentally friendly improvements. And while that is a good thing and something to be encouraged it could also mean that the person is contemplating trying what is one of the hot home decor trends for 2014 – using green as a major element of their home decor, whether that means on the walls, on the floor, adding green toned furniture or a combination of all three.

Getting Over Your Fear of Green

For many, the idea of adding green to their home in large quantities is a rather scary prospect. And to be fair sometimes the though of green home decor does tend to evoke images of those terrible interiors from the Seventies, the kind that also made heavy use of orange and mustard as well (yuck)

It is true that if it is used the wrong way green can be a interior decoration nightmare. However that is the key right there, simply understanding how to use various shades of green the right way can make all the difference and actually create something rather spectacular. Here are just a few ideas.

Easy Earthy Greens

Rich, earthy greens can be an excellent alternative to white, cream or other standard neutrals but it can easily become dull, drab and boring in the wrong hands. In order to prevent that from happening combine it with complementary accent colors like a soft, buttery yellow, a rich cream or even graphic and striking shots of black and white.

Sophisticated Celery

If you want to cover a wall or two a light and very classic looking celery green can be a perfect choice. It is far more visually interesting than white or cream and yet it still has a very similar neutral appeal, making it a great choice for any room in the home.

The exact shade you use will make a difference though. look for a shade that has a little bit of a yellow undertone otherwise you may end up with a minty looking green when dry, something that actually might look great in a nursery or a kids room but not so nice in your stylish, grown up living room.

Going Bright (Green)

A bright green can be a horrible choice or a heavenly one, it all depends upon the specific shade and how it is utilized. Using a bright green as an accent wall color, along with a modern neutral like cream, winter white or even a very light, very subtle pink is a very hot interior design trend right now and one that can be very effective.

The Importance of Testing

Whatever shade of it you choose, when you are talking about using green as an element of your home decor it is simply one of the colors you have to test before actually going ahead. This is especially true of paint colors as what might look like a lovely olive on the paint chip in the store may actually turn into a muddy mess under the unique lighting conditions in your own home. Therefore asking for one of those little tester paints and doing a quick in home test is a must.

The same holds true for flooring. That carpet that has such a gorgeous light citrus shade that would be perfect for your big, airy dining room may, when away from the fluorescent lights of the showroom actually end up looking like you actually skinned Kermit the Frog and a number of his relatives to create your flooring which is certainly not the look you are going for!

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