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Home Hacks: Wire Shelving – Improve Storage Space in Your Home

Usually, when people think of wire shelving they think of the kinds of rather cold – and even ugly – wire shelving that you often see in a retail environment and not something that they would really want to add to their own home. Especially not if they are trying to stage that home ahead of putting it on the market for sale.

While most wire shelving is indeed not what you might want to put on full display in your home for aesthetic reasons, there are some places it can be put to very effective use, improving the storage space in your home and making it more efficient. The result? A more efficient home to live in and one that appeals more to potential buyers. Having enough storage space is very important to most home buyers and if you can stage your space a little to demonstrate that they will indeed have that then it can be a real selling point.

With all of this in mind, here are just a few ideas:

Organizing Your Kitchen Cabinets – One of the things that truly drives homeowners nuts about their kitchen is a lack of organized storage space. Before you go off and spend a fortune on new bigger cabinets, which will of course usually involve a full kitchen remodel, a very expensive undertaking, take a good look at the storage space you have and determine if a better system of organization, and a few wire shelves, could help you solve some of the problems instead.

In many cases the addition of a few simple wire shelves to a kitchen cabinet can effectively almost double the storage space you have to work with. Cans of food can be stored and stacked neatly and you will be able to fit twice as many in – neatly – than you could before because thanks to your new shelves you will be making used of much more of the total volume of the space you have in your cabinets. And even better because wire shelving is relatively inexpensive to buy and easy to find at a local home store you will be saving a lot of money not opting for replacement cabinets after all!

Organizing Your Closets – We all wish we had big huge walk in closets like movie stars have but the simple fact is that most of us don’t. What we have instead are disorganized closets stuffed with too many clothes and that are so lacking in organization that many of the great clothes we own go forgotten and unworn simply because they are stuffed at the back of this mess and we have totally forgotten about them (or don’t have the time or energy to track them down.)

Once again a few simple wire shelves can be a really big help. Hanging clothes from a hanger is fine in many cases but doing so can actually ruin some clothes – especially woolen sweaters – as over time it pulls them out of shape. Hanging all your clothes also wastes a lot of space. By purchasing some tall, thin stacked wire shelving to ad to your closets you can fold tops and sweaters neatly, resulting in a more organized wardrobe space and even extending the useful life of many of your clothes. And it’s a great way to impress buyers if you are selling a home. You can even go a step further, adding a complete wire shelved closet organiser, like the one pictured above, to really make a great first impression on them.

Organizing Your Kids Stuff – Kids of all ages have a lot of ‘stuff’ and getting them to keep it organized can be a real battle. Often toy boxes are not the answer because they will have to fetch everything out to get to just what they are looking for, and will leave it all out for someone else to clear up later (usually you of course)

Plastic coated wire shelving, which actually comes in lots of different colors and is relatively inexpensive, can be a big help here. If you make sure that you buy shelving that is the right height for your child to reach they can store all of their favorite stuff neatly and still be able to see it easily when they want to get it down and play with it but also easy to clean up when visitors are expected, or for home sellers, potential buyers are slated to arrive.

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