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Home Improvement 101 – Clearing Up Common Flooring Installation Mistakes

Flooring may not be the very first thing that a would-be buyer notices about a Waterloo Region home for sale but you can be sure that they will get around to giving it a good look before the showing is over. And if it’s not in great condition then, even though that is a possible after-sales fix they could undertake it will be a deal-breaker for many, or, at the very least a reason to lower any offer they might make.

It’s for these reasons that many homeowners do choose to re-do bad flooring before their home goes on the market. However, getting new flooring installed in any room in your home is not a small project. Neither is usually one that all but the most confident of handymen (or women) should undertake.

But whether you do elect to do the right thing and have a pro install your new flooring for you or you still want to give it a shot yourself there are some common misconceptions about flooring installation – based on our own observations and n talking with some great local flooring professionals – that you should be aware of. Here are a few of them:

Once the installation is done I can throw out the leftover flooring materials

You can, but that may not be the smartest move in the world. It is always a good idea to keep at least some leftover flooring on hand in case you should ever need any repairs made to your flooring (a ripped area of carpet, a chipped tile) Having the original material will ensure that your repair will be as close to the original as possible. And being able to show a prospective home buyer that these supplies are available should they ever need them will also be a plus.

My flooring salesman is trying to sell me more flooring than I need. I have a 16×16 room so I should only need 256 square feet

No, your flooring salesman is not a crook, he is talking about the “waste factor” and whatever kind of flooring you are having installed there is going to be one. For instance, if that 16x 16 room is being carpeted you would need much more than 256 square feet of carpet because as a general rule it only comes 12′ wide, 13′6″ wide or 15′ wide. Therefore, multiple pieces will need to be ordered and not all of the material can be used.

The installers will have to move the furniture, I’m too busy and they are getting paid

Furniture removal and replacement are usually not included in a flooring installation estimate. Some installers will do it but for an additional charge, it is not a part of their “job.”

My new carpet is shedding. It must be defective

That is rarely the case. A small amount of shedding is perfectly normal and to be expected.

The installers should install my new ceramic tile floor in one day, not two; it’s not that hard

Small repair jobs can usually be done in one day, but most tile flooring jobs are laid on the first day and then the installer will generally come back the next day to grout. If the flooring is going to be sealed, the grout needs to cure before the sealer can be applied. If you are going to try an lay a tile floor yourself you should follow the same timeline for the best results.



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