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Home Improvement Tips: Kitchen Styles that Stand the Test of Time

Often, before selling their Waterloo Region home a homeowner, aware of just how important the kitchen is to any potential homebuyer will consider making changes, tweaks and adjustments in a bid to make the space more appealing.

Some even commission a full remodel if the kitchen is really bad. But the difficulty is that whatever changes are made they need to appeal to as wider ‘audience’ as possible.

Kitchen styles, like any other interior design element, come in all kinds and they do tend to go in and out of style. Redoing your kitchen to follow the “hottest” style of the moment is not always the greatest idea in the world, especially if you will be selling up soon. Just ask anyone who is still hiding the photos of their avocado and yellow kitchen from the Seventies (or worse still is actually still dealing with living with it).

The good news is though that there are certain kitchen styles that can stand the test of time and should still look as current and attractive in a decade as they do today:


A kitchen that is considered “contemporary” is usually more than a little geometric and more on the minimalist side. There are well defined lines, very few adornments on the walls and laminate floors and glass fronted cupboards are often all common features of a contemporary kitchen.

Some people do like the concept of the contemporary look but feel that it lacks a real personality. That can be remedied fairly easily though, with a few more extravagant and elegant touches – a chandelier over a workspace instead of a pendant light, great curtains instead of blinds at the window or even a really striking piece of artwork on an otherwise blank wall can give a contemporary kitchen a more welcoming look without ruining its uncluttered beauty.

Country Kitchens

A country kitchen, done right, is to many people a thing of great beauty and it has to be said that it is an interior design theme that never really goes out of style. The key though is doing it right. Buying a myriad of kitchen tools covered in pictures of farm animals does not create a country kitchen.

Instead beautiful wooden kitchen cupboards, a tile floor in a warm color, maybe even an oversized dining table covered in colorful linens if you have the room, these are all elements of a country kitchen. The vibe should be warm and friendly though, not cheesy and OTT.

Transitional Kitchens

It may be transitional kitchen designs that stand the test of time the best though, as they incorporate a number of different styles in one room. The warmth of a country kitchen can be introduced into a contemporary kitchen with the addition of a great stone or tile floor and slightly more eye-catching window treatments. By the same token you can update a more classic looking kitchen by lightening up the colour of the kitchen cupboards or swapping a heavier looking floor for a light look like bamboo.



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