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Home Remodeling 101: Great Reasons to Treat Yourself to New Granite Countertops

We all want a beautiful home. In an ideal world maybe you dream of having one of those spa bathrooms with the steam shower and the waterfall faucets. Or of a kitchen filled with rich wood cabinets, stainless steel appliances, and granite countertops.

If you don’t have the budget to have it all, you should at least get your new granite countertops. Why? There are several very good reasons:

Resale Value

Granite countertops will add to the resale value of your home, pure and simple. Read or browse through a couple of pages of real estate ads. Granite countertops are heavily featured, right? Together with hardwood floors and real wood-burning fireplaces, granite countertops can sway a buyer’s mind at first sight. Maybe you have no intention of selling your Waterloo Region home in the near future but the fact is as long as they get a little TLC your granite kitchen countertops will look as good in a decade as they do today.


The world is going green and granite countertops are actually a very eco-conscious choice. It’s natural stone, quarrying methods have been improved by leaps and bounds and granite does not give off all those icky VOCs that some artificial kitchen counter top materials do.


The kitchen isn’t the only place you’ll find countertops in the home, a larger bathroom needs them too in most instances. However, as the average bathroom, even when well- ventilated, is a rather damp place a lot of common countertop materials do not fare well there. Butcher block and vinyl may be great for the kitchen but they are rarely suited for bathroom use. Granite, on the other hand, is a perfect choice, both in terms of durability and sheer aesthetic appeal. 


Not that we are suggesting that you try this at home but you can give your granite countertops a real beating and they will emerge unscathed. Granite resists chipping, cracking and staining and if you accidentally set a hot pot on top of it it’s not the end of the world. Granite countertops are also super easy to clean.

A few drops of dishwashing liquid in some warm water is all you need to maintain them on a daily basis and if they are resealed once every couple of years or so your granite countertops will remain perfectly preserved.

Pure Visual Appeal

Let’s face it, granite countertops look like nothing else. They practically scream luxury to anyone who walks in the room and the number of different color and textures is almost literally never-ending. Yes, they are more expensive than many other kitchen or bathroom countertop options but they are worth every penny, both today and years and years down the line.



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