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Home Seller Decor Tweaks: Building A Breakfast Nook On A Budget

For the most part, as everyone’s lives, including kids, are so busy these days, sitting down to a meal in a formal dining room on a regular basis has pretty much become a thing of the past. In fact many people whose homes did have a formal dining room at one time re choosing to convert them into spaces that are more useful to 21st century life such as media rooms, a home office or even an extra bedroom or bathroom.

You do of course still need a proper place to eat, and that is where a breakfast nook, either one located in the corner of a kitchen or incorporated into a large living room comes in. An eat in kitchen that boasts some kind of semi formal dining area is also something that is high on many homebuyer’s want lists. Don’t have such a space? If you have the square footage you could create one, with a DIY breakfast nook.

Creating such a space does not have to mean spending a fortune and undertaking a big home remodeling project though. Simple dinette sets can, with a bit of imagination, become the centerpiece of a functional and attractive breakfast nook and add a little more to the appeal and perceived value of your home for sale.

Selecting the Right Spot

Before you even begin shopping for dinette sets and coordinating decor, you need to map out the space that your new breakfast nook will occupy. The corner of a room can be ideal, as you already have something of a barrier in place between that space and the rest of the room thanks to the existing walls, while choosing a spot near a window can ensure that you get lots of natural light which will make daytime dining a lot more pleasant.

The most of important thing of all though is that you have enough room to comfortably accommodate the dining set size you need. That means taking the time to do some measuring before you go shopping to avoid picking a dinette set that is too big or too small for your chosen space.

What is Your Decor Style?

Your new breakfast nook will become a part of an existing decor scheme, so it is important that you make sure that it at least compliments the rest of the space, although it certainly does not have to match it exactly. You can actually mix and match rather a lot in a breakfast nook with great effect.

For example, say you were to find an amazing antique dining table at a thrift store or yard sale (and you often can find some amazing pieces) but you are tempted to pass it up because its matching chairs have long disappeared. Don’t be so hasty to do so. You can always add some inexpensive, plain modern seating from the local home store that will provide the function you need while allowing the beauty of the table to shine.

Bench seating can also be a great choice in a breakfast nook, especially if there are kids in the house. Not only does it usually mean that more people can be seated in relative comfort but it also helps delineate the new dining space and give it more of a real ‘room within a room’ look and feel.

Accessorizing The Space

Once you have decided upon the dinette set that will form the centerpiece of your new dining ‘room’ the accessories you add can be the biggest help in defining it as a real living space. Many people find that the addition of wall mounted chair rails (a very easy DIY job) can be a very effective way to outline the space, and of course adequate lighting is a must. A great modern chandelier or pendant light set over the table itself is an excellent choice and adding a set of matching wall sconces can really impart a ‘cafe’ feel that is rather impressive as well.



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