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Home Seller Hack: Caring for All Kinds of Tile Floors the Right Way

Tile floors, whether they are added to the kitchen, bathroom or even an outdoor space look great, are relatively inexpensive and can be very durable, if you look after them the right way.

A great looking tile floor can even be quite the selling point when a home hits the market for sale, especially, right now, less usual tiling options like terracotta and terrazzo. The floors do have to look consistently good, as in at every showing. With that in mind here is a guide to tile floor care that will help you do just that:

About Ceramic Tile

The most commonly used type of household tile, ceramic tile is a really durable choice that requires very little in the way of maintenance. A mop over with soapy water once in a while and a daily sweep is really all they need. Those fancy tile cleaners? You really can skip them, especially as some dull the lovely shine that clean ceramic tile has naturally.

The grout that holds them together on the other hand can be a little more troublesome, as it tends to be a magnet for all the dirt and dust and can become rather grimy rather quickly, ruining the look of the overall floor.

Using a good grout sealant can help if you are installing a new ceramic tile floor, or adding one after a good clean. The bad news? The best way to clean dirty, stained tile grout is still the old fashioned way – on your hands and knees with a toothbrush, which is why adding a grout seal as soon as possible really is a great idea.

About Porcelain Tile

As a flooring option, porcelain tile can look stunning to say the least and it too is pretty tough stuff but it does require a little extra TLC. You should never use ammonia based products to clean porcelain tile and if it is unglazed porcelain you should be careful not to use a floor sweeper that has sharp edges as they can scratch the surface.

About Terracotta Tile

Terracotta is stunning to look, at but as a clay based tile is more fragile than some other tiling options. As long as it is properly glazed and sealed it can be a great flooring option though.

The most important thing is to keep excess moisture out as terracotta tiles are more absorbent. When cleaning terracotta floor tiles try making use of equal parts of white vinegar to a bucket of warm water and then mop the tiles with a soft mop. The vinegar is good for removing any oily materials or debris on the tiles and dries quickly.

About Terrazzo Tile

Terrazzo tile is created when chips of marble, granite or quartz are added to an epoxy resin and baked as a tile. This kind of tile is fairly durable and requires about the same amount of care as a ceramic tile does. It is becoming a more popular choice as it is considered very “green’ as so many of the materials used to create terrazzo tiles are recycled.



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