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Home Seller Tips: Adding Architectural Interest to a Modern Waterloo Region Home for Sale

One of the problems with newer homes is that they do tend to lack some of the character that an older home has. Often the visually effective architectural touches you will find in an older home are missing, simply because they serve no real practical purpose and so for the sake of efficiency (and keeping costs down) they are omitted. When it’s time to sell your Waterloo Region home though you really do need it to stand out

Rather than simply live with that fact that your home for sale is rather bland though, there are many ways that the homeowner themselves can add little extra finishing touches themselves, after the fact. Few of them are that expensive or over complicated to install – or have installed – and you might be surprised by just how effective even just a couple of these tweaks can be. Here are just a few examples to inspire you.

Entrancing Entranceways


A plain doorway can be turned into something far more spectacular with the addition of simple to install trimwork molding. Pieces like the ones used in the home pictured below are usually sold as a single piece and are crafted from MDF, making them easy to install and easy keep clean.

Wow, Those Walls!

Long, plain expanses of wall are common in newer homes. Rather than trying to fill the space with a mish-mosh of odd artwork why not take a leaf out of the Victorians’ book and try a little ‘picture framing’ instead. The coordinated look below was achieved with the simple addition of strip molding that has been used to create faux panels on what is really a plain, flat wall.

Picture framing

Another way to create wow-worthy walls rather easily is to make use of wainscoting panels. These come in many sizes, shapes, and styles and can be used to create a cottage effect if traditional bead board is used or a slightly more modern look if you opted for paneled wainscoting instead.


Look to the Sky

The ceiling is one element of a room that most people almost completely ignore, which is a real shame as it can be such a large blank canvas to do something truly spectacular with.

In this kitchen box beam molding added to the ceiling has been painted the same shade of sunny yellow as the cabinets, creating a pulled together look that gives the illusion of height to the ceiling and makes the whole space feel a lot warmer and welcoming, great for a larger kitchen where the whole family tends to gather.

Molding is not the option open to you for the ceiling though. In the kitchen below a plain, even stark, open white kitchen was instantly transformed into a rustic retreat with the addition of reclaimed wooden beams. For safety’s sake, this is one job you really should leave to a tradesman – no one wants a beam falling on their head while they eat their breakfast – but doing so will be a small investment to make to get a look that is quite this stunning.

Rustic Ceiling

Stunning Shutters

Even plain characterless windows can become something rather wonderful with the addition of interior shutters. The half shutters in the example below do not just add visual; interest though; they also create just the right balance between privacy and natural sunlight.

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