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Home Seller Tips: Choosing Remodeling Supplies the Right Way

Remodeling a home that you intend to sell soon is a rather different challenge to undertaking such a project if you were ‘staying put’. Usually such work is undertaken out of necessity, addressing problems that might otherwise prevent a quick sale or lead to a reduction in asking price. And there is a temptation to cut corners because after all, this is for someone else’s benefit not yours. However, since thew home will likely have to go through all kinds of inspections before it’s officially sold that is rarely a good idea.

The products and materials a homeowner chooses for their remodeling project – however big or small it is one of the biggest factors that can make or break a previously carefully calculated budget and send costs spiraling out of control. That means that keeping an eye on price tags at all times is important but dollar amounts should not be the sole criteria you use when choosing products and materials. Cheap is nice but quality is better and usually far more cost effective in the long run. Here are some shopping pointers to keep in mind:

There’s No Need to Name Drop

A higher price is not always a very accurate indication that you are getting the highest possible quality. A designer name is just that in many cases – a name. Often a lower priced alternative can be just as good – it will just perhaps lack some of the “snob value” that designer names have attached to them. But do you really need that? It’s highly unlikely that any potential home buyer will make a decision based on the brand of paint you used (because how will they ever know?)

Watch Warranties and Guarantees

It is important that you understand basically how long certain products are expected to last under normal circumstances. A good carpet for instance has a ‘life expectancy’ of ten to fifteen years. By knowing how long you can expect your investment to be good for you can better decide if it is worth splashing out on. And don’t forget to get those warranties, in writing as buyers are going to want to see them.

Make sure that you know before hand just what manufacturer’s guarantees or warranties come with everything you are considering and just what they cover. Sometimes it seems like a better idea to go for something with what seems like a far better guarantee but then when you look at the small print it might not have been such a good idea after all to base your purchasing decisions on a guarantee that is going to be hard to ‘cash in’, as such things may make homebuyers nervous, occasionally even leading to price reduction requests if it involves bigger ticket items like flooring.

Shop a Little Slower

Look at more than a few different options available for each product class you are considering – buying the first things that catch your eye can turn into a very expensive mistake. You do want to do a good job when remodeling a home for sale but you also want some cash left over for making improvements to your eventual new home!



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