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Home Seller Tips: Fantastic Home Staging Tricks with Folding Screens

Years ago, a folding screen was mainly a practical object. It provides an element of privacy in an otherwise open space, mainly in order for a person the change clothing behind it. These days though more and more homeowners are coming up with some more creative uses for a folding screen and are using them both as an accent for existing decor and as a focal point of new decor. and if you are selling your home it can offer a quick, relatively easy and inexpensive way to help stage the home so that would be buyers become even more excited by its potential. Here are just a few ideas and examples.

Divide Large Spaces

Many homes thee days are designed open plan style, with large open living spaces rather than separate living and dining rooms, as was once the norm years ago. For the most part this can be very attractive and functional, but not everyone wants to live with the wide open space look all year long.

Decorative folding screens can be a solution to that problem. For example, one could be used to separate off the dining area of the space when a more intimate meal is to be served there, or to create a cozy reading nook to provide a little peace in the corner of a busy family living room.

Create a Home Office

More and more people worldwide are now choosing to work from home even big corporations are embracing the idea. There has also been a huge increase in the number of entrepreneurs and freelancers in all niches choosing to dispense with the idea of a conventional job altogether and go it alone.

One problem that many people encounter however is finding the functional space for a real home office space, one that provides them with the separation from the rest of the home that they need. Some lucky folks have a basement, attic or spare bedroom they can convert, but for those who do not a folding screen can be a great solution.

Using a screen that is just the right size,  a corner of a living room, dining room, bedroom or even of a kitchen can be separated off to house the desk, computer and storage that most people need in a home office.

As the fixture is not permanent though, a person working from home feels less isolated though, as they can quickly remove their office ‘walls’ when they want, or need, to be more sociable, and creating a functional home office space becomes far more affordable as well. Adding such a space as a part of home staging is a great way to add extra interest and even perceived value to the house.

Hide a Multitude of Home Sins

Many home owners have one area of their home that they would prefer went unseen by visitors but is a practical area of their residence that cannot be decorated away.

For example, for many people having a washer and dryer in their kitchen space, rather than in a separate laundry room, is a must due to space or plumbing and electric considerations. Again, folding screens can provide an easy and practical solution. By surrounding the appliances with the appropriately styled screens homeowners still have easy access to them on laundry days, but they are hidden from general sight and allow the look of the space to return to one that is more conducive to the basic purpose of most kitchens, preparing food. The same trick can be used to hide unsightly water heaters, plumbing and many other ‘eyesores’ all over the house.

Create an Outdoor Accent

Outdoor living spaces continually to be much sought after additions to the average home. Screens can be put to several great uses in such spaces, however large or small they might be. They can be used to define a space in an open area on a lawn, as a shade provider in very sunny spaces, or even used for their original purpose, as a way to provide a private changing area for those enjoying some outdoor recreation.



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