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Home Seller Tips: Great Kitchen Lighting Examples to Create a Kitchen that Wows

However great and expensive your kitchen cupboards are, and however much you spent on those fancy new granite countertops and brand new shiny appliances they are all pretty much useless in terms of aesthetics if your kitchen is as dim as a caveman’s. It’s hard to impress the potential home buyers with your showpiece kitchen – which is often exactly what house hunters are hoping to see – if they can’t see it. Yet kitchen lighting is the one thing that many homeowners scrimp on -or overlook altogether, even when redoing a kitchen. Here are some great examples of kitchen lighting schemes that showcase the kitchen space they are installed in, not hide it while also adding extra visual interest to the space to further delight those viewing it for the first time.

Staggered Pendant Lighting – Pendant lighting is perfect for illuminating your countertops so that you can actually see what you are preparing for dinner but they can serve an even greater visual purpose as well. In this contemporary kitchen, bold cylindrical pendant lights have been staggered to create a lighting look that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional.

Mix and Match – The lighting in your kitchen does not need to be all matchy matchy. In this kitchen track lighting provides the light needed to illuminate the countertops and brighter pendant lighting provides extra task lighting for the island. It all also works together to create a look that is modern without being too stark.

Vintage Works Too – Kitchens in older homes tend to look a little out of place if they are all done out in 21st tech. Older can be beautiful too, even if you are faking it. Here the quaint character of this kitchen is accented and enhanced by the vintage style lighting fixtures that add to the vibe of the space, not clash with it

Big But Not Boring – If you are blessed to have a home with a bigger kitchen a wimpy lighting scheme is simply not going to cut it. Here these big, bold heavy fixtures are substantial enough to work in a big kitchen without overpowering any of the other elements.

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