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Home Sellers Staging Tips: Laying Area Rugs Over Wall to Wall Carpeting

When some people think of area rugs they tend to believe they are only for rooms that hard surface floors like tile or hardwood. Why would you possibly need a rug if you already have wall to wall carpeting? The fact is though that rugs and wall to wall carpeting can work very well together. Here are just a few reasons why you might want to consider adding a rug to a room that is already carpeted:

To Add Visual Interest – Patterned carpet is not as common as it once was, say back in the Seventies, which on one level is a rather good thing for those staging a home for sale. Many of those older patterns were far too busy and tended to look rather dated rather quickly. However the idea of living with just a plain carpet can be a rather boring one. Adding a good rug can help liven things up. You might be amazed by just how different a room becomes in an instant when you added one of the many great geometric rugs that are available today. Their blocky patterns instantly add interest to a plainly carpeted room without overpowering it, and they are often not as expensive as you might imagine either.

To Make a Quick Change – Adding a rug to a room with wall to wall carpeting can also be a great way to change the look of the room as and when needed especially as the seasons change, something that is important when staging a home for sale. For instance a rooms with a basic beige carpet could be accented by delicate pastel geometric area rugs in the Spring when you want your home to have a light, airy feel and then replaced with a bold, brightly colored geometric rug when winter comes along, to add a little of the warmth we all crave at that time of year and should send off just the right vibe to potential buyers.

To Hide Imperfections – Hiding a flaw or two in an otherwise perfectly serviceable carpet is a practical, useful way to make great use of area rugs and make a good first impression on buyers. Just because someone dropped a cigarette butt on your carpet and burned a little hole in it does not have to mean you have to rip the whole thing out and start again, especially as you are planning a move anyway. A strategically placed area rug will do just fine. You can also add area rugs in high traffic areas as a preventative measure, to avoid having the wall to wall wear too unevenly.

The only time you may not want to add an area rug to a room with wall to wall carpeting is if that carpet has a particularly thick pile, as the effect tends to be one that looks like the rug is squashing the carpet in a rather unattractive manner.



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