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Home Staging 101: Decorate with Black?? It Can Be Done

Black is often not the first colour that comes to a home owner’s mind when they are considering the best hues to adorn their home and certainly not when it comes to staging that home for sale. In fact when most first think about black décor what comes to mind is a sulky teenager’s room, all angst, doom and gloom.

That does not have to be the case though. In fact black is one of the most versatile, and seriously under rated colours that you can use to give a room real visual impact in an instant. The trick to using black in your home décor – and your home staging – successfully is simply making sure it is used in the right doses.

Adding black to your home décor does not have to be an expensive, or lengthy process. As it should be used in moderation or otherwise a room will indeed take on a rather funereal tone, even the smallest of black accent pieces can make far more of an impact than you might have imagined possible.

Just like that essential little black dress that every woman has in her wardrobe can be paired with any color of shoe, belt or necklace, black home accents can be used in conjunction with almost any colour in the home. A sleek black lamp complements a light colored pine floor every bit as well as it will a darker coloured carpet and items as simple as black rugs can add an instant visual impact to even a room otherwise decked out in muted tones and pale pastels.

Going Black in the Furniture Department 

If you are considering black furniture for any of the rooms in your home it is important that the pieces you choose have defined and interesting silhouettes for them to be most effective. The human eye tends not to pick up the fine details when viewing larger black objects, concentrating instead on the overall shape. However an elegantly curved chaise lounge or modern masterpiece chair like a Barcelona, which boast incredibly attractive silhouettes, can set the tone for an entire living space without dominating the overall décor “landscape”.

If you want to use solid black rugs to serve as dark accents in any room that is an easy task, but once again their shape should be the biggest consideration in order for them to have the greatest impact. If you are a fan of patterns though, or want to add a graphic twist to an otherwise plain room (think hardwood floors and neutrally colored walls) you could consider a black rug that features another colour as well, although that may present more of a colour clash challenge, unless perhaps you opt for a black and white rug, which can have a stunning impact as well.

Paint it Black 

The use of black on the walls is even possible, as long as it is either as a solid accent wall to lighter colors, which can create a very contemporary look, or by using small accent pieces like black picture frames or having black sconce lights installed.

Put simply black, whether you add it to a room in the form of black furniture, black rugs or even black appliances, is a home décor color option that merits your serious consideration when you are longing for a change.

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